Bolder Sisters Make History

I love that nationally, during the month of February, we recognize the contributions of African-Americans. It makes my heart proud to revisit our history and pass along the stories and triumphs of those who powerfully graced this earth and left it better than it was when they found it. For those who weren’t afraid and had no qualms about the consequences of their actions when … Continue reading Bolder Sisters Make History

Your Vision Should Scare You

Hello Bolder Sisters! Last week I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a vision board workshop full of my coworkers. I will never forget the energy felt as the group entered the space with excitement. Starting a new year with a vision is a must. We’ve pretty much stepped away from creating resolutions and have now put our energy toward creating a vision for our future; … Continue reading Your Vision Should Scare You

7 Ways to Seize The Day With Boldness

Hello my beautiful Bolder Sisters! Are you being bold and stretching yourselves? You’d better be. It’s a new day, everyday, with brand new opportunities and you should be taking advantage of all of them. Life can quickly become so routine; you go to work, come home and repeat. Well, I’m here to challenge you, as always. What if you changed the way you looked at … Continue reading 7 Ways to Seize The Day With Boldness

5 Ways to Start Uncomfortable Conversations

Greetings my Beautiful and Bolder Sisters! Happy September. I like to think of September as the month of new beginnings. It’s when the children go back to school and start a new year. We also begin to launch into fall, and we start to settle in into a new season. With every new season, we should become a better version of ourselves. We get more … Continue reading 5 Ways to Start Uncomfortable Conversations