“Go Be It”

Happy New Year Bolder Sisters!

Can you believe it’s 2022? I am always grateful for a new year because for me, it represents a new beginning and I am always ready to own my new beginning, but before I do, I have to be honest about a few things.

We all know what happened in 2020 and it has impacted us all in different ways. We lost people we loved and did what we needed to do to keep ourselves safe. For me, I experienced loss and the pandemic did some damage on my spirit. I actually felt like my motivation had totally disappeared. I wasn’t interested in blogging, writing or coaching. I was absolutely stuck and I spent that time doing none of it. I didn’t enjoy being in that space, it didn’t serve me well. I wasn’t serving my clients in this space, and that is not how I wanted to operate or use my gifts. Something had to change; I had to change and get out of that funk, so I did.

As a Life Coach myself I recognize the value that comes from the coaching process. So, I hired my own Life Coach. All the stars seemed to align when I found my coach. I put out into the atmosphere that I needed to get my motivation back and I was promptly connected to a Coach who was leading a seminar on getting unstuck that very same week. We connected immediately and I hired her. I am now starting to get back to me and I am walking in my gifts. I am grateful. Just like the start of the new year, it feels like a new beginning for me. I feel refreshed and renewed.

In my work with my coach I am unpacking a lot of what’s held me back and she’s been really great about holding me accountable and stretching me outside of my comfort zone. In one of our most recent sessions I shared with her how excited I was about my 2022 vision board I had just created. And one of the things I mentioned was the only two words that were on my board and that was “Go Big”. (My board is made up of really powerful images). For me this meant I won’t be half doing anything, I’m going for what I want with everything I have! It’s my time and I am making things that I’ve only talked about a reality. It felt amazing to share that out loud with my coach. The funny thing is that after our session, when she sent me the notes and my assignments, the words “Go Big” somehow became “Go Be It”. Interesting, right? I immediately thought “Oh, I guess she heard it wrong” and I was set to correct her, but something stopped me. I started thinking just how powerful the phrase “Go Be It!” actually is and I decided to adopt that as well. So, Bolder Sisters, this year I will Go Big and I will also Go Be It! I will Go Be the dynamic Life and Love Coach I’ve been called to be. I will Go Be the amazing motivational speaker who inspires others to act and pursue the dreams that are resting inside of them. I will Go Be the powerful Relationship Coach who helps that couple get their marriage back on track. I will Go Be the wife, mother and human that loves on those around her and continues to give to those who are in need. I will Go Be the Bolder Sister that I am always encouraging you all to be.

Now, how about you? What is your theme or word for 2022? If you’ve created a vision board, share in the comments a few of your goals so I can support you.

As always, thanks for visiting The Bolder Sister. I am back, so be sure to come back often. Now, go be the best, brightest and boldest version of yourself; Go be it!

2 thoughts on ““Go Be It”

  1. and just like that….she’s back! Thank you for sharing your 2020 self-struggles. It was a year never to be forgotten. I too need to make everything I’ve talked about a reality…starting yesterday! I’ve incorporated ‘Me-Days’ on Mondays. My thinking is that on this day I will focus on only ME..what I need, what made me happy/unhappy the prior week, what I need to keep/stop doing the upcoming week, etc. I like the quote ‘Go Be Great!’. I haven’t done a vision board but I think I’ll put this quote on a few post-it notes around the house!

    1. I absolutely love the “Me-Days”! They are so necessary. We have to be our own first priority. Good for you!! Let’s “Go Be Great” together. We will encourage one another to stay on track!

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