It’s Time to Get Uncomfortable – 7 Bold Ways to Get Noticed (By Him, Them, or Your Boss)

Hey Bolder Sisters! I can’t believe we are already nearing the end of this year. As always, it flew by just like time tends to do. There were lessons to be learned and shifts that took place as a result of those lessons and as always, I have to share both with you. My goal is always to inspire you and guide you in being your most fabulous and fearless self. Sometimes that requires you to get uncomfortable and step outside the zone that keeps you safe and occasionally stuck. If you’re ready to get unstuck and take some bold actions, read on for 7 bold ways to get noticed by anyone. 

When You’re in the Office 

#1 Don’t Let Them Forget You’re in the Room

This was the story of my life in my career. My shyness held me back for too many years. I would attend team meetings and literally the only words I would say is a good morning/afternoon at the start and have a good day at the end. My leaders wouldn’t hear from otherwise, though I had a lot to contribute, if I just had the confidence to speak up. I guess after noticing my quietness and lack of confidence, a former manager said to me “Don’t let them forget you’re in the room.” That spoke courage into my spirit and I have often held on to that message. Now I show up and I speak up. Bolder Sisters, don’t let anyone ever forget you’re there. What that means is that your voice is heard and your thoughts and opinions are shared. Speak up with confidence and contribute. Believe me, people want to hear from you and know what you’re thinking, so let them know. For me, I had to start small and make sure I said at least one thing in every meeting, and then I bumped it up to two things, and kept it going from there. Those things could be questions or thoughts on whatever was being presented in the meeting. The more you speak up, the more confident you will feel. It will quickly become second nature.

#2 Track Your Accomplishments

I am sure you’re making an impact in your position and within your company. It’s likely why they keep you or even why you were hired. Keep track of what you’ve done. I am big on tracking my team’s accomplishments and my own each quarter. There is something so inspiring about seeing how all of your hard work has paid off. As you track your accomplishments, also take note of the impact you’ve had. Have you improved a process, increased revenue, or received praise from a customer? Whatever it was, write it down and keep track in a success journal. It’s a great source of inspiration that you can turn to whenever you doubt who you are and what you bring. Tracking your success will also support you best during your work performance reviews. So, get to tracking sisters.

#3 Make Requests 

Do you ask for what you want? If not, let’s start. Leadership pays attention to the people who make good noise. Meaning, you might ask why the company does things a certain way to get clarity or to help find ways to make improvements. Believe me, your company will appreciate your input and innovation when you present solutions and ask questions that cause them to look at things a bit differently. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for training or seek ways to develop professionally. Your company will value that you care enough about your position that you want to be the absolute best at it. So, go for it and start making those requests. 

When You’re Looking to Connect  

#4 Only You Can Be You (Be Authentic) 

One of my best qualities is that I am who I am and I have always been the same me. I care about the experience I create for other people and I enjoy life, so I bring positive vibes and good energy wherever I go, because that is something I value. This is also a trait I admire in others. I appreciate when people are just who they are. Embracing your flaws while spotlighting your strengths is one way to be the most authentic version of yourself. People can see through the BS and spot when others aren’t being real. People will be drawn to the energy and vibe you bring, if it’s honest. 

#5 Make the First Move 

If you want to connect with someone, approach them, introduce yourself and make the connection. Preparation is always helpful in this area. Think about what you want to say and the outcome you wish to have. If you’re worried about rejection, that’s okay, we all worry about that. Walk yourself through a scenario around what’s the worst thing that could happen if you put yourself out there. If they say “no” they say “no” and life will not end, you will keep it moving. I’m a big fan of the phrase “life is once” and I’m on a journey to live a life of no regrets. If that motto inspires you at all, then you have to take the risk and make the first move, or you’ll always wonder what if you did. 

When You’re Moving About in the World

#6 Let Your Values Guide You 

What you’re passionate about will draw others to you. When you think about someone who motivates you, think about what it is that person does. You’ll probably notice that what you are drawn to is where they focus their energy and how they show up in the world. That is usually their passion speaking. What you value is demonstrated in how you treat whatever that is. For example, some women are attracted to a man who takes good care of his mother because that speaks to a value and character trait that they admire. So, that man gets noticed. Or someone who volunteers their time to a worthy cause will stand out because it’s a character trait shining through that most people value. People will notice you when they watch how you move and again, when they see where you place your energy and passion.  

#7 Share the Gift of Kindness

The last bold way to get noticed is to be kind and good to other people. People are starting to become less kind in the world today and they aren’t gentle with others. Social media has given cowards courage and people feel bold enough to be consistently mean. But you, my Bolder Sisters can be the shining light in a world of craziness. Be kind with your words and intentional with your actions. You never know what someone may be experiencing and the impact a kind word could do for their spirit. Good people stand out. Matthew 7:12 says “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.”  It feels good to be good. 

Bolder Sisters I hope you’re ready to be uncomfortable and take on these 7 bold ways to get noticed! Please keep me posted on your journey to bold. In the comment section let me know which of these ways spoke to you most. 

2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Get Uncomfortable – 7 Bold Ways to Get Noticed (By Him, Them, or Your Boss)

  1. Hello BolderSister!! Share the Gift of Kindness really spoke to me. I have been purposely speaking kind words to most folks I encounter and even people who sometimes don’t deserve it. I purposely compliment people on even the littlest things because you never know how much the little things mean to a person. Thank you for another informative article!

  2. Absolutely! I love that. You never know the impact your kindness will have. You know I think you’re simply awesome anyway!

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