3 Ways to Use Your Bold For Good

Well, well, well Bolder Sisters, it’s been a minute and I’ve missed you. I know you’re out in the world being your beautiful and bold self, which I love. I have been doing the same, showing up, speaking up, and loving me.

Part of loving me, is spending time reflecting on my life, my choices and my challenges. One thing I thought about recently was the word impact. It has been my word of the year and I often reflect to make sure I’m applying it in some form or fashion. I want to use my confidence, my bold, to impact others. It feels amazing to be all of me, but it’s no good if I’m not using it to help someone else.

This blog of course does that, but there are 3 other ways I’ll be using my bold for good.

1. I will compliment others a bit more. I don’t mean just on the surface but complimenting others on their actions and their character. Which would you rather hear “you look cute today.” Or “I really admire how kind and gentle you are with your words. You are always so intentional with your communication and I appreciate that.” Complimenting others may require a little vulnerability on your part, which makes it a great way to use your bold.

2. I will offer my support to others who are taking leaps and pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone. I’ve been asked to edit manuscripts, share tips on writing and listen to business ideas and give my feedback. I love being able to encourage other dream chasers. I will always tell the truth and give my honest suggestions. There’s a bit of boldness that comes with speaking life into others and telling them the truth.

3. I will continue to tell that truth. I used to be that one friend who told you just what you wanted to hear, whether you were right or wrong. I quickly learned that true friends tell the truth. It surely requires some bold to tell others what they may not want to hear, if it helps them in the long run.

So, as I continue to love on me, I will not forget to use my bold for good to help others. It’s my duty to encourage and inspire and these three actions will allow me to have the impact I pray to have.

What about you Bolder Sisters? What are a few ways you can also use your bold for good? Please use the comment box below to share.

Until next time, continue your journey toward bold.


2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Use Your Bold For Good

  1. Well hello ‘Bold Sister Tiya’! I have to steal your bold idea of complimenting others. I’m guilty of always complimenting “a look”. Your post made me think of the many other ways I could give a compliment. Most people have that personality/character trait that is just as praise worthy as that “look”. I’ll definitely start using this bold at work with the junior high girls!

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