7 Ways to Seize The Day With Boldness

Hello my beautiful Bolder Sisters! Are you being bold and stretching yourselves? You’d better be. It’s a new day, everyday, with brand new opportunities and you should be taking advantage of all of them.
Life can quickly become so routine; you go to work, come home and repeat. Well, I’m here to challenge you, as always. What if you changed the way you looked at and started your day. It’s your day right? It’s your hours, it’s your time, it’s your mood and energy and it’s your choices that make up your day, everyday. You have more control over your everyday than you think. So try these awesome tips for taking charge and seizing your day with boldness:
Pray, trust and believe. I don’t start any day without reading my daily scripture and praying. And I believe God for what I pray. When you pray, be specific in what you ask God to show you within that day and expect greatness.
Be grateful. Throughout the day look for things to be grateful for. For example, that job you might dread going to, be grateful that you have it and that because of it you are able to provide for your family or travel. There are blessings all around us and we often forget to be grateful and begin a day with thanksgiving. When you are in a space of gratefulness there’s no time for negative thoughts or energy and you’ll find you get a lot more accomplished.
Be kind without any expectations. It can be as simple as holding the door for someone, and not caring if they say “thank you” or not. Give someone a smile, whether they smile back or not, you never know, that might be the only smile they’ve received. When you limit the expectations you have of others and you’re doing what you do because you want to do it, you will begin to feel more in control than ever.
Speak up and take care of you. Make choices throughout the day that honor your body, your heart and your talents. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions at work, or step up as a leader in other ways. Make good choices when it comes to feeding your body and getting it moving. Also, remove those daily things that add to your stress. Plan in advance so your day moves along smoothly so you’re not rushing or feeling too anxious.
Stay focused & execute your vision. Figure out what you want and what you will have to do within the day to get you closer to that thing and go get it. Always keep your vision first and foremost in your mind. This is why I love my vision board, it reminds me every morning of what I desire to have in my life.
Do something everyday that scares you. You already know the purpose of this blog is to encourage women to live without fear. So, yes, take risks. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone and take a chance!
Create and say a morning, afternoon and evening mantra. As often as you can, remind yourself of who you are and what you’re capable of making happen. My latest mantra is “You got this, you got this, you got this, DON’T WORRY!” And it gets me right together whenever I doubt what I can do. Create one or two mantras that speak specifically to any negative thoughts you might be having and watch how it changes things.
Sisters, try these 7 or use a few of your own to experience more days of fearless living.
Share in the comments section what you plan to do to seize your day. I can’t wait to hear all those awesome stories of fearlessness.

6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Seize The Day With Boldness

  1. Pray, Trust & Believe…I usually only pray at night BUT I like the idea of a morning prayer before I begin my day..along with a Mantra..I have to come up with one that will keep me motivated to reach a couple of personal goals!

    1. Yolonda, please share when you come up with your mantra. I’m so excited to hear and to see the impact it will have on your day.

  2. Wonderful tips that I definitely need to work at incorporating in my day! Thanks for being the inspiration that you are!!!!

  3. I just did a thing that scared me and it did not kill me! Thanks for the reminder! I love this and you.

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