When Your Moment Comes, Are You Ready?

Hello Bolder Sisters,

The word “preparation” has been on mind since the start of this new year. I am beginning to see the value of being ready.

When you think about your future, your dreams, those big ideas you would like to accomplish, are you ready? I mean if the opportunity was presented to you tomorrow to pursue that idea, are you ready? Can you take advantage of it, are you “prepared”?

I think for many of us, we spend a lot of time talking about what it is we want to accomplish, but not necessarily a whole lot of time preparing for the moment.

I am in a space now where I want to blossom in my life, grow in my career and I am preparing to make some big moves really soon. I am spending time preparing. I am redesigning my brand and strengthening the things about me that have only gotten in my way. Things like my voice, it’s being used more often than ever. I am also preparing for speaking engagements, so when I get a call requesting me, I don’t have to scramble in order to accept the invitation. I actually received a call earlier this week to come out and speak about my book Hello Bold. The event is next weekend, and I am grateful I was able to say yes immediately, because this is what I have been preparing for. When my moment comes I want to step fully and comfortably into it, because I am prepared.

If you find yourself wondering whether or not you are prepared, here are a few suggestions on how to prepare for the following situations:

  1. A New Position or Promotion: Whether the position is posted or not, you can prepare by updating your resume. Be sure to highlight the skills you use in your current position that easily transfer into the new position you have your eyes on. Remember, your resume is your introduction and it has to demonstrate why you are qualified for the position.  Think about the ideas you’ve implemented, the solutions you have provided and the teammates you have supported and led in your current role. It all makes a difference when you head in the direction of career growth. Don’t sell yourself short, no one can promote you better than you, so keep track of all of your accomplishments.
  2. A Date Request: So you’ve been seeing that cute guy pretty often now, it might be a good idea to think about your plan when he does ask you out. Of course you’re likely going to say yes, but get prepared by thinking about your intentions and what you hope to learn about this new person. Could it be someone you could get serious about, or are you looking just to have fun? It’s good for you to be clear about what you want.
  3. An Opportunity for Your Business: Entrepreneurs, you are beasts. You work through the wee hours of the morning on your hustle, now wouldn’t it be a shame for an amazing opportunity to become available for your business and you not have the inventory or the capacity to handle it? Think about what you want for your business, do you want to sell a product or a service? Whatever it is, how will you prepare when there is a large demand for that product or service? I mean the ultimate goal is for people to want what you’re offering, so you have to be ready for that. You should expect the demand to be greater than you even imagined and you should prepare with that thought in mind.

Bolder Sisters, if you are ready, you don’t have to get ready.

As always, I want to hear from you. Tell me what opportunity you have or will start preparing for and how our community can help support you.

One thought on “When Your Moment Comes, Are You Ready?

  1. Loved, “I am in a space now where I want to blossom in my life, grow in my career and I am preparing to make some big moves really soon. I am spending time preparing.” I definitely feel like I need to start preparing. Going to pull up my resume right now as a start. Thanks for this blog, it is always very motivating!

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