5 Powerful Tips for Promoting Your Professional Brand to Others

In my career, life coaching, and volunteer work, I have the amazing opportunity of interviewing individuals who are seeking employment or promotion. This happens to be one of the parts of my work I enjoy most. While I enjoy interviewing others, I can also respect how much anxiety this can cause and the amount of preparation needed when someone wants to do a great job. Sometimes those nerves can kick in and those same individuals forget how amazing they actually are and what they bring to the table. Whenever this happens, their professional brand doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. As a result, they don’t get the opportunity.

Your brand, also known as the reputation you’ve built, is a very powerful thing. According to The Business Professor, “a professional brand is how others perceive you within your career field. A professional brand takes on many of your personal characteristics, including those that are relevant to how you comport yourself, interact with others, knowledge or acuity, and work activities/product in the business environment.”

Your brand requires your attention and some TLC if you plan to use it to pursue your career goals. If you struggle in this area, it’s all good Bolder Sisters, because I have your back. You know I always want you to have what you desire when it comes to your goals and journey to becoming the best and boldest versions of yourselves. If you want to be able to successfully promote your professional brand, here are 5 powerful tips for promoting your professional brand to others.

Tip #1: Change Your MindsetIt’s Not Bragging if You Got It! An area I see people struggle in most is thinking that promoting their brand is bragging; it is not. Whether you are up for a promotion or applying for a brand new opportunity, you have to promote what you’ve accomplished and what you will bring. The person on the other side of that desk is expecting that from you. Keep in mind that person wouldn’t necessarily know your strengths, or understand the impact you have had in the work you do, but you do. So, it is your responsibility to tell them. Don’t think of it as bragging, but more so sharing your experiences in a powerful way. Your ability to do so will increase your chances of securing the opportunity. Please also know that the other people seeking that same opportunity will be “bragging” on themselves; you better be sure you are doing the same.

Tip #2: Connect With The Benefits of Promoting Your Brand. It’s a quick and simple result – you stand out. The goal for promoting your brand is so you stand out from your competition. It’s important that you begin to think about what makes you, you. It’s not about speaking poorly of anyone else, but more about speaking highly of yourself so that you are remembered in a positive way. You want the hiring manager or your boss to see the value you bring so it’s clear you are able to solve the problem they have and successfully fill the position. Think about the reasons you want the new opportunity; it could be more money, greater benefits, or simply a chance to do the work that aligns with your purpose. Being able to promote your professional brand helps you obtain those goals.

Tip #3: Ask Others About Your Brand. If you don’t know what your brand is, it’s okay. Your brand is a powerful list of strengths and characteristics that make you, you. It might be hard for you to recognize them in yourself, but you can guarantee that those around you have taken notice. Ask your Manager, family, and friends what they recognize as your strengths. What do they often call on you to do? You can usually find your brand in the way others describe you. For example, in my volunteer work I was asked to speak on a panel regarding the program. The leaders of the organization recognized my previous experience, my passion for the work, and the excitement I displayed for my role every week. It was exciting to be recognized in that way. People are watching you and they see what you bring. So, grab a pen and paper and ask your circle to share what they see as your professional brand.

Tip #4: You Did That! – Look at What You’ve Accomplished. I challenge you to think about all the amazingness that you bring to all the spaces you enter. Bolder Sisters, I am sure that list is long. First, think about your family and friends and where you have had impact in their lives. Have you helped a friend through a difficult time? Have you volunteered your time or shared your resources with an organization that matters to you or your family? Where have you helped someone else? Next, think about your career and where you may have shined. Did you initiate a new process that your company now uses? Were you assigned a special project because of the great work you do consistently? Were you promoted in a short amount of time because of how quickly you learn and perform your tasks? Do you help others in your department? Do you speak up and bring solutions to the problems your department is experiencing? Spend some time thinking through this list because this is the foundation of your professional brand.

Tip #5: Create Your Professional Brand Statement. It’s time to put it all together and create your brand. You’ve worked through changing the mindset on promoting yourself. You now understand the benefits of having a professional brand. You asked your circle to share with you what your brand is and you have listed out all of your accomplishments. Now you can create your professional brand statement. You might have multiple depending on what you want to promote. For example, in my coaching practice my professional brand statement is “I am a Certified Life and Relationship Coach who develops and provides effective resources and powerful tools for couples, that help them heal and strengthen their relationships.”

According to Indeed.com, “Personal Brand statements are brief statements that summarize what you do, why you do it, and what sets you apart from others in your field. In other words, it’s your unique selling proposition. These statements are typically between one and two sentences and should be attention-grabbing, compelling and memorable. In many ways, a personal brand statement can resemble a slogan.”

Take some time to write out your Professional Brand Statement. Be sure it includes who you are (job title or how you describe yourself as a professional), what you offer (your strengths, degrees, certification – basically your evidence that you are skilled in this work), and the impact you have (the results of your work). Once you have created your statement, I would love to see it. Bolder Sisters, please share it in the comments below, or if you would like me to review it and provide feedback, email it to me at lifeediting@yahoo.com.

Bolder Sisters, how you describe yourself to others matter. It is time you had a professional brand that represents all of who you are! So, let’s get to work on promoting ourselves in powerful and memorable ways, so we can get those opportunities we desire.

3 thoughts on “5 Powerful Tips for Promoting Your Professional Brand to Others

  1. Wow, Tip# 1 speaks directly to me! I had an interview last week and I did kinda of hold back on promoting myself because I thought it would come off as bragging. It was suggested that I bring up in the interview how the District Superintendent approached me when he heard I was interested in the position. He told me he thought it was a good fit for me. I didn’t bring it up in the interview because I was afraid it may sounded as if I was ‘name dropping’. I got called for a second interview this week and will definitely promote ME during this round! Thanks for the reminder that the person/people (uuuggg I don’t like when it’s multiple people interviewing together..that’s my struggle too 🤦🏽‍♀️) on the other side of the desk are expecting me to promote myself.

    1. Yolonda, I am so happy you got this before the second interview! Please don’t ever be nervous about sharing how amazing you are! In addition to sharing that the District Superintendent approached you, thinking about the “why” around that. Why do you think he thought you would be a good fit? That’s what you should promote as well.

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