Go Get “It”

Hello Bolder Sisters,

I have a message for you that relates to something I’ve recently accomplished.

I want you to go get “it” period.

One thing I’ve shared pretty frequently, in this space, was my battle with doubt and fear about almost everything. Though it was powerful in my life some years ago, it really did a number on me and there were residual effects. It stopped me from pursuing opportunities in my career, with my business, and in my personal pursuit of happiness. Once you realize how much you lose being fearful, you quickly change those fearful bad habits.

In my career, I’ve always talked myself out of anything that stretched me. So the idea of pursuing a leadership position frightened me. It seemed too big to accomplish and I use to question if I had what it takes. I would go back and forth and my self talk wasn’t empowering enough for me to take action. It did the opposite. For me, it no longer served me well. About 6 years ago or so, I grew tired of not winning the way I wanted to win and this fight with fear had to end. And guess what sisters, I’m winning.

I recently secured a management position with my organization after just two years and it is because I believed in me and I proved that I was worthy of the promotion. I earned it, because I was fearless. I went to “Go get it!”

I want the same for you. It might not be a management position that you’re seeking, but there is an “it” in your life that’s waiting for you. If you don’t know where to begin, here are a few suggestions:

1. Define your “it”

2. Understand what’s required for you to have “it”

3. Acknowledge what could get in your way of getting “it” Hint: sometimes it’s us

4. Create a plan on how to navigate around whatever the thing was that could get in your way of having “it”

5. Go. Get. It.

Sisters, I am rooting for you. You have what it takes, so allow nothing to stop you. Don’t be discouraged, if pursuing “it” takes a little longer. It’s okay. The joy comes from following your dreams and pursuing your passion. Sis, you got this.

Please share your “it” in the comment section below, so this community can support you.


2 thoughts on “Go Get “It”

  1. Congrats on your management position, that is AWESOME!!! I need to start with #1!!!!! Once I do that, I can then continue with 2-5!!!!

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