Invest in Yourself

“Don’t be cheap with yourself” was a piece of wisdom my daddy shared with me when I was a teenager. Though he was very specific in that moment as we discussed something I wanted, that phrase began to mean so much more to me as I became a woman.

In my young adult life I spent a great deal of time taking shortcuts, finding the easiest possible way to do things. Not yet realizing great effort and investment equals great result.  I had not been consistent in following my Daddy’s advice and I had been “cheap with myself” in so many ways. There wasn’t much investing in myself.

When I sit back and review special times in my life, it’s clear where I cut corners. I remember trying to teach myself things instead of investing in an expert or paying for a course in certain fields. I think about trying to design my own website and getting a version that surely wasn’t going to attract any clients. I finally convinced myself of the benefits that would come from hiring a professional web designer. I also had been cheap with the amount of time I invested in things that really matter. Rushing through my writings and not giving much time and thought to my coaching business. The effort and time will always be evident in the product or service. The bottom line is I was not investing in myself and in what I said I wanted. Here’s some of the behaviors I changed when I decided I no longer wanted to be “cheap” and wanted to invest in myself.

First, I thought about what I needed right now. It was inspiration. I’m so much better when I surround myself with positive reminders of what’s possible. I added to my self-help library books like Motivated by Passion Held Back by Fear by Tchicaya Ellis Robertson and Sheila Downer, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Own The Moment by Carl Lentz and one I’ve recently started reading, Becoming by Michelle Obama. Each were worth the investment because they offer excellent examples of what can be done in this life.

Next, I started doing. Of course I had to read the books, but I also had to make moves. I invested in and attended workshops and online courses and did what was suggested. I invested in a 9 month Life Coach certification training program. I created my vision boards every year and started connecting with professionals who could help me with what I didn’t know. I hired my own coach, worked with a mentor and asked for advice and studied my craft.

Lastly, I stopped taking shortcuts. It has become quality over quantity for me. It’s about taking my time, thinking through what I really want and making sure I have everything I need to make things happen. I’m a dreamer, so sometimes my mind moves a mile a minute with ideas, but I know I can’t just rush into things that don’t make sense. So investing in myself means doing only those things that honor my gifts and serve my purpose.

Bolder Sisters, what about you? Are you investing in yourself? Are you being “cheap” with yourself? If you are let’s talk about it. I’m here to support you. Where do you need to invest? Where are you lacking that you can use some support? Please share in the comments below about the investment in yourself. Remember, we are in this together, taking this world by storm. It starts with investing in ourselves!


2 thoughts on “Invest in Yourself

  1. First kudos to Mrs. Robertson on her book! After reading this I realized that on Black Friday I invested in my ‘outward’ appearance. Yes I bought the usual clothes, boots, etc. BUT I took the time to shop at a health store to invest in items to improve my overall look. No more cutting corners on drugstore purchases/items because they are cost effective…but with no results! Also, your investments paid off well..keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Yolonda! That is also one area that I need to invest in and stop being cheap with myself. Good for you for knowing you deserve the best 😊

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