5 Ways to Start Uncomfortable Conversations

Greetings my Beautiful and Bolder Sisters! Happy September. I like to think of September as the month of new beginnings. It’s when the children go back to school and start a new year. We also begin to launch into fall, and we start to settle in into a new season. With every new season, we should become a better version of ourselves. We get more … Continue reading 5 Ways to Start Uncomfortable Conversations

Secure The Dream

We hear so much about “secure the bag”,  which according to the Urban Dictionary means “An expression used to describe the act of taking/obtaining advantage of the situation and keeping something of value.  The “bag” is anything you want/desire. You must obtain it or accomplish your goal.” Securing the bag is awesome and we should be taking advantage of opportunities. But how often do we talk about  Securing the Dream? Sisters you … Continue reading Secure The Dream

Committed: Event Recap on What Men Really Need

By Dominique Mcgee What is the most popular question we want answered? The question that we’d pay a million dollars for? Well….maybe not a million dollars, more like $999,999. The question that all women want to know is, “What do men really think?” I had the amazing opportunity to bring my husband to Committed, an event dedicated to hearing the man’s voice regarding topics such … Continue reading Committed: Event Recap on What Men Really Need