Big Bold Dreamer

look-upinto-the-starsAlthough Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has passed, I’d still like to acknowledge one of his quotes,

” I say to you my friends that in spite of frustrations and difficulties. I still have a dream.”

After I read this inspirational nugget I literally felt chills through my spine because it gave me a reality check. What I love about MLK is that he boldly dreamed big. He dreamed so big that not only did it become reality it became historical. If he can dream big despite obstacles why can’t we?

Believe it or not, dreaming big is one of the boldest moves you could make in your life because it starts with your thoughts and it’s the starting point of your future. Think about it (no pun intended), if our bodies are functioning correctly our brains have to think about it before we actually do it. Before we take a step our legs have to get that signal. Therefore, you have to think before you do it. I gave you that analogy to prove that dreaming is the beginning of your reality. Eventually it will happen. If simply thinking signals your legs to walk imagine what dreaming big will do for your vision, your book, your business idea, your company or whatever dream you have?

Let MLK’s quote and legacy serve as a reminder for you when you become discouraged and struggles come. Your dream is still there. And if you’re really bold when those frustrations attack you’ll explode  with a dream even bigger than before!

Bolder Sisters, what is your big bold dream?



Dominique Mcgee is a motivational blogger who resides in the south suburbs of Chicago with her husband. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Communication Arts from Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL. Her other interests include DIY, fashion and lifestyle blogging. Dominique says if she is not motivating and uplifting women she is not fulfilling her purpose.  To read her blog, visit She Fly Now

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