Have You Pictured Yourself Succeeding Yet?

Young woman relaxing outsideHey Bolder Sisters,

This week, and for the next three weeks actually, I will be working on a special assignment on my job. The assignment is one I created after asking questions and looking at the greatest needs of the people the organization serves. While it’s just the second trial run, my anxiety is on overdrive.

I keep picturing myself delivering the material and what the responses will be. I worry sometimes and my inner “Mrs. FEARina” is trying to pop her little ugly head up to make me doubt everything about myself. This time though is different with her arrival. I’ve come up with a plan that will help me minimize and even eliminate Mrs. FEARina’s spell over me. That plan includes a couple of things.

First, Of course I prayed. I asked God to guide me every step of the way. I asked that I decrease and He increase as I lead this assignment. Because I asked, I believe it will be given.

The next action I will take is to envision my success. I picture myself being successful. I can see me standing tall with courage,  speaking with confidence and giving this assignment absolutely everything I have to give. I expect a positive outcome.

Bolder Sisters, have you done this yet with your big and scary goals? Have you pictured  yourself succeeding yet? Do you expect a positive outcome with what you plan to accomplish? If you haven’t, start today. Sit back and imagine your own success. Think about what you’re doing, what you’re wearing and even who you may be speaking with in this vision. When you’re able to actually see it, your actions will start to mirror what you’ve pictured. Give it a try.

As always, I want to hear from you. Try this exercise and let me know what happens in the comment section below.



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