I am a Cara Woman

Cara LogoAs women we are given a few of life’s most precious gifts. Motherhood, marriage and sisterhood are the areas of my life where I’m usually the most proud. The great thing about life as Bolder Sisters is that we are passionate enough to manage each of those roles and yet still savvy enough to run corporations. We’re more than just pretty faces, lipstick and heels. We are powerhouses, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and moms. We even have strengths that we sometimes forget to tap into. Women are the backbones of our families and the brains behind our businesses. We often don’t do any of it for the applause, but because we’re women and we make things happen. With all of that power women, we are definitely stronger and better together.

This month, The Bolder Sister will be honoring women. Women who are changing lives, motivating those around them and walking boldly into their calling, utilizing their gifts.

I am blessed to have an opportunity to use my talents daily at an amazing non-profit (job readiness training) organization called The Cara Program. There, I train adults on personal and professional development. I absolutely love, love, love the work we do and the impact we’ve been making on communities for 25 years.

On October 21st we are celebrating with our Women’s Night (Better Together) event in Chicago, and sisters we want you to join us.

There is a woman in your life, actually there may be several, who believed in you when it mattered most. I’d love for you to share who she is in the comments below and via social media using #iamacarawoman. If you are in Chicago, we’d also love to have you join us for cocktails, connections and conversations. Click here for details bit.ly/carawomen15.

Every woman has women in her life who believed in her when it mattered most, mine is my mom, Octavia Cunningham Parkman. She believed in me and continues to support me no matter what. She’s like my own personal superhero who always shows up when I need her most, building me up and defending my honor.

Who is that woman for you? We all have and need someone who inspires us to be better. Women, especially, need each other. My Bolder Sisters in Chicago, I hope you will join us as we celebrate the power of women. ‪#‎imacarawoman


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