“Their Journey Isn’t Your Journey”

African American Woman Snapping her Fingers to MusicIt’s so funny, I just shared this phrase with a group of adult students I help to prepare for jobs. I know how frustrating it can be waiting for “your turn” so to speak. Wondering when those successes, you see everyone else celebrating, are going to happen for you is overwhelming. Something I had to realize a few years ago is that I am here on my own journey. It can’t be compared to anyone else’s. What’s suppose to happen for me, will happen for me when it is time. I had to learn to really be patient and persistent with my dreams and to open my mouth and show people the fire I have dwelling within. This way of thinking didn’t always come easy for me.

At one point I got so caught up in the people around me who were writing books, speaking, being featured on TV and simply living their passion. I was so busy watching them, I stopped pursuing my own dreams. I started to envy them and wonder how they were able to complete their goals and I still felt stuck. All I was doing was talking about what I wanted to do and was too afraid to actually make it happen.

The comparisons made me withdraw. I kept thinking I’m not like them, I don’t trust my voice like they do. Therefore, I will never complete my mission or fulfill my purpose. Yes, those thoughts had me completely stalled. Because I didn’t think I could do what they were doing, I decided to do nothing.  Until fairly recently did I begin realizing, I am who God made me. He knows my struggle with confidence and self-doubt and He also knows the plans he has for me. My mission is to reach couples as well as other women who’ve felt invisible and have been too shy to live their calling. So you see, it’s okay that all those years I thought I had missed out on something, was actually preparing me for the woman I am supposed to be today. And that woman isn’t like any other woman who I use to compare myself to. Their journey isn’t my journey. I am here for something very specific.

Some of you, my Bolder Sisters, are currently measuring yourself up against one of your sisterfriends, a family member or even a coworker. You may even be trying to figure out a way to be a little more like her. But I have news for you, it won’t work. She’s not you and you’re not her, and that’s a good thing. You too, are on your own journey, and although it might look similar to someone else’s, please know it is uniquely designed with you in mind. It’s time you owned it!

One of my favorite quotes on comparison is “Comparison is the death of joy,”

by  Mark Twain. Sisters, you will miss out on living if you’re worried about who’s doing what. It’s time we got busy doing, being and enjoying this journey that’s only going to happen once. It’s your one chance to do you, and I mean really do you! Seize the moment and live in your boldness.

Bolder Sisters, in what way have you compared yourself to others?

3 thoughts on ““Their Journey Isn’t Your Journey”

  1. Another great article! I have to keep in mind ‘Their Journey isn’t My Journey’ when I’m feeling like everyone around me is reaching personal goals/desires,..I just have to wait til it’s ‘my time’!

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