Bolder Sisters Are Everywhere!

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I absolutely love what I do. In my professional world I am given an opportunity to work alongside some pretty amazing men and women. I am tasked with training adults on resume writing, interviewing and job search. Again, I love what I do.

This work provides quite a few opportunities for me. I get to provide coaching (which you know I love), I also get the chance to network and meet people who inspire me. This week presented another of those moments.


Every year the AWBC (African-American Women’s Business & Career) hosts the Egretha Awards luncheon, which honors successful African-American women who excel in business and service. I, along with the female students I teach, are also invited. It is an amazing experience and we all leave even more motivated than ever. This year the ceremony recognized some powerful sisters including, Anchorwoman Cheryl Burton, VP/HR of ComEd Ms. Tracie Morris, Senator Mattie Hunter, President of Moraine Valley Community College Dr. Sylvia Jenkins, Microsoft Executive Debbie Vinton Meier, Author and Financial Adviser Mary Grate-Pyos and founder of The Black Ensemble Theater Ms. Jackie Taylor, to name a few. Each shared how hard work, commitment and servitude helped to propel their careers. The testimonies of these women motivated me because we sometimes think “we can’t have certain positions” and “great opportunities won’t come our way”. These unproductive beliefs prevent us from moving forward and taking risks. If we think we can’t, guess what, we won’t. It’s that simple. Whenever we begin to doubt our potential, we need reminders that include other successful women, who look like us. We all need inspiration, faith and hope; all of which let’s us know anything is possible.

I am so grateful that bolder sisters exists all around me. Women who know that the road they choose is going to be challenging and that take that route anyway! Women who bust their ass to compete in corporate america and do it all with style and grace. I am inspired and motivated and acknowledge that my calling is greater than any of my fears. Anything I want, a successful coaching, writing and training business and career, won’t arrive in my stillness and doubt. It will come as a result of my setting goals and taking action, consistently.  IMG_6583

A few of the takeaways from this amazing conference were:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Stretch yourself
  • Find a good mentor
  • Make smart tradeoffs
  • Become highly strategic
  • Help others reach their potential

I challenge all of my bolder sisters to create your stretch team (group of people who will support you in accomplishing your goals) and go get whatever it is you truly want!

P.S. the majority of the women featured in the photo above are the students I work with everyday. These ladies inspire me with their stories of triumph and perseverance and I look forward to celebrate each of their successes.

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