Should You Make Sacrifices (of self) Just to Be In a Relationship?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe majority of us have a desire to share our lives with someone who makes us laugh, greatly contributes to the joy in our life and shows us real and lasting love. It’s a human requirement to feel loved. Yes love, when it’s done right, trumps everything. It’s no wonder some of us become fools for love. In an effort to obtain a happily ever after, some are making costly sacrifices. They are willing to surrender their own needs for the sake of being in a relationship. While being in love and in a committed relationship feels great, we are setting ourselves up for a life of regret when we dismiss what’s most important to us for somebody else. When we are true to who we are, an authentic relationship can be developed.

We must remember that honoring who we are is much more attractive to a potential mate. People are generally attracted to those who are confident and love themselves. Losing ourselves isn’t a requirement for being in love anyway.

There are certain aspects of who we are that should absolutely stay intact. Our spiritual beliefs and connection as well as our personal dreams are just a few. Although those might not change, there are some parts of us that might not serve a future relationship well.

Some sacrifices actually make sense as long as we don’t lose what actually makes us, us. I am a huge supporter of self-assessments and being honest about the areas of our lives needing improvement, but only when those areas have caused us hurt or damaged important relationships. If it has cost us our dreams, goals or future, we must take that self-examination and discover how we can show up better and have the life and love we planned.

Once we discover what hasn’t benefited us, then it’s time to make those changes. However, there are sacrifices people don’t necessarily have to make just to be in love. Yes, we should sacrifice selfishness, and careless spending or any other unhealthy habits. However, we must keep in mind, the person who was really meant for us won’t require that we sacrifice the core of who we are.The more authentic both  individuals are, the stronger the relationship.

One thought on “Should You Make Sacrifices (of self) Just to Be In a Relationship?

  1. I agree with this article! Over the last couple of years I’ve learned to love myself more & more just as I am/what I am. A part of me says ‘I’m not going to make any sacrifices just for the sake of a relationship’. On the other hand, if it’s a sacrifice that’s going to benefit ME much more than my mate…I would consider it.

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