Dating Strategy: Know Your Personal Brand

African-American woman getting in building - man looking on herI love using business analogies when discussing personal dating relationships. There are ideas and tools used within organizations that are extremely effective in personal situations. For example, developing your brand. In my job training work with adults, developing a professional brand is top priority. Discovering career goals, transferrable skills and qualifications are all part of the assessments given. It’s exciting to observe the moment a candidate realizes their strengths are attractive to a potential employer.

I feel the same could be said for a single individual looking for a possible partner. There is a certain amount of discovery that must happen in order for a person to realize what they bring to a relationship and why they make an ideal mate.

In career planning assessments the candidate’s previous experience is usually discussed. With dating, your previous experience in a relationship would be taken into consideration. Who you were in relationships past is quite helpful as you prepare to build a new one. You must be completely honest about your strengths as well as the weaknesses. Although there  may have been some drama or negative energy displayed from time to time, we’ll only focus on the positives for this exercise. What strengths did you bring, were you a great listener, or very supportive, are questions you should seek to answer.

Spending time developing your personal brand is a strategy well worth the amount of effort it requires. Once you determine just how awesome you truly are, the confidence naturally follows.

Your brand should focus on four primary areas; appearance, personality, competencies and differentiation. If you’re ready to discover why you make a great significant other, let’s get started. Grab a pen, a notebook and a quiet area to take an internal assessment of your relationship strengths.

Below are four areas to consider when developing your dating brand:


As you may have guessed, appearance plays a major role in the image and brand you display to the world. Body language, clothing, and overall posture are each important. People are most attracted to people who obviously love themselves. The greatest way to demonstrate self-love is by taking care of our outward appearance. Taking pride in your body, dressing in a way that flatters your shape, and practicing proper hygiene are all key. The better you look, the better you feel. In addition, we must carry ourselves with confidence by walking with our head held high and shoulders back. Keep in mind, confidence is attractive.


The next area of focus in on personality. Behavior, communication skills and attitudes toward other people definitely play into how long you keep the interest of a potential mate. People desire to be in relationships with the people who are pleasant to be around. No one looks forward to spending time with a person who is negative, an energy zapper or a frequent a few internal changes. Ask yourself, are you approachable, easy to love, and enjoyable to be around?


The reviewing of personal competencies allow us to focus on strengths. What special strengths do you bring to a relationship? Here’s where we think of relationships past. Even though those relationships didn’t end as you might of hoped they would, it couldn’t have been all bad. You brought something special that only you could bring. Take time to create a list of all the good you contribute, not only in your past partnerships but a future relationship as well.


Lastly, it’s time to consider all of your unique qualities. Dating can be challenging as well as competitive. In order to get noticed, consider what separates you from others and leaves a lasting memory in the minds of others.

As you prepare for the mate you’ve been seeking, don’t forget how amazing you are. I do believe there is a special someone for each of us. We have to know what we bring and be aware of our personal dating brand.

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