Secure The Dream

We hear so much about “secure the bag”,  which according to the Urban Dictionary means “An expression used to describe the act of taking/obtaining advantage of the situation and keeping something of value.  The “bag” is anything you want/desire. You must obtain it or accomplish your goal.” Securing the bag is awesome and we should be taking advantage of opportunities. But how often do we talk about  Securing the Dream? Sisters you … Continue reading Secure The Dream

To Know You Is to Love You: Part 1

By Dominique McGee What does your favorite date night look like? Is it bike riding down Lake Shore Drive and having an ice cream cone? Or what about a nice dinner at the Signature Room amongst candle lights, rose petals and light jazz music? Or my favorite, going to your favorite restaurant and then ending the night with a movie and a cherry slurpie? I’m … Continue reading To Know You Is to Love You: Part 1

The One Image That Got Me Unstuck

Inspiration can come from anywhere and can come at the exact moment you need it. Bolder Sisters, I have to tell you my truth. For most people, January begins with a boom. Most folks were excited, pumped up and motivated by their New Year’s resolutions and all the possibilities that a new year can bring. Me, on the other hand, I felt just the opposite. … Continue reading The One Image That Got Me Unstuck

15 Bold Oprah-Inspired Messages for Our Little Girls

During the 75th Annual Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey was awarded the Cecil B Demille Award, which honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of entertainment. As expected, her acceptance speech did not disappoint. She reminded us of a few important things, one being that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool you have. The other was a message for all the … Continue reading 15 Bold Oprah-Inspired Messages for Our Little Girls