Your Vision Should Scare You

Hello Bolder Sisters!

Last week I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a vision board workshop full of my coworkers. I will never forget the energy felt as the group entered the space with excitement.

Starting a new year with a vision is a must. We’ve pretty much stepped away from creating resolutions and have now put our energy toward creating a vision for our future; something we can see that inspires us every single day to push forward, toward our goals.

I always create my vision board early in the new year because I personally need to be reminded daily, of what I want in my life. I have to see it, big, bold and in color.

As I watched the group create their boards, I reminded them to just grab images (from the magazines) that speak to them, this year and their future. I also asked that they not think about the “how” but they should simply focus only on what they want, their vision. And that it can be as big and as scary as their imagination can handle.

The same is true for you Bolder Sisters. I hope you know that your vision should actually scare you. There are no limits to what you can accomplish. We tend to put barriers on ourselves. Those barriers prevent our growth and development. They block our happiness and keep us stuck in spaces that drain our energy. Some of those barriers exist in your self-talk. Negative thoughts like “I can’t do that”, “I’m too old”, “It’s too late”, and “I don’t have enough money, support, energy etc.” shows up in your actions. You’ll never pursue your vision if you buy into that stinking thinking.

The truth is, your potential is limitless, there isn’t anything you can’t do. You are a force to be reckoned with, and only you can stop you. Please always know that. So, as you think about the vision for your future, be afraid. It should scare you, because it’s so audacious. If it doesn’t scare, it’s too small, and you’re too bold to have a petite vision. Set your sights high and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do, not even yourself.

If you need a little inspiration for creating your 2019 vision board, check out this great article.

I would love to hear from you. In the comment section please share your 2019 bold vision and how the Bolder Sister community can support you.

2 thoughts on “Your Vision Should Scare You

  1. I absolutely always figure that its too late and also struggle with what exactly it is I want at this point and time in my life. I believe I will start with writing some things down and take the time to sit and do a vision board!

    1. Tracy, yes creating a vision board is always helpful, but I agree a great place to begin is by writing it down. Even when you don’t know what you want exactly, sometimes it’s helpful to think about the feelings you’d like to experience. Do you want to feel safe, protected, Happy, trusted, knowledgeable, generous? Do you want to help other people, seniors, children (wink, wink) and sometimes knowing those things will help you figure out the rest.

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