How Committed are You to You?

When I first started blogging I wrote for another blog. I was committed, I began with just one post, occasionally, then two posts every single week. I had a schedule and a routine in place. My family knew to give me those hours it took to finish those two writings. I was committed to that task and to that blog. It was my job and I treated it as such. Well, The Bolder Sister blog is also my job and I need to treat it as such. And I haven’t been as consistent as I should, and that’s not fair to you.

One thing I learned recently was that I haven’t had the same level of commitment to myself and my own projects as I have for others. I relax, get comfortable and I don’t always keep the promises I make to myself. I can do it for others, but not always for myself and that’s a problem.

Bolder Sisters, why do we do a better job of keeping promises to others than we do to ourselves? We are concerned about what they will think and we really don’t want to let them down. I understand that. Of course our word is our everything. If people can’t trust you to do what you say, they won’t ask you for anything else. That makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, we don’t see ourselves in the same way. I am not sure if we always recognize the benefits that come with being fully committed to ourselves. I know I nearly forgot. So here’s a reminder to all of us on why we should always be committed to ourselves first.

  1. No Regrets. I told you all a while ago my plan to live a life of no regret. I’m doing what I planned. If I don’t, I’ll look back and always wonder “what if” and “if only”. I don’t want that for my life.
  2. Someone gets let down. And yes that someone is “you”. You will be disappointed when you don’t try your hardest and when you don’t make you a priority.
  3. Time will move on with or without you. Time waits for no man or woman, life goes on and will not pause for you to get it together or finally start that thing you’ve been talking about forever. People will forget and leave you all alone holding on to the memory of that dream you once had.
  4. An opportunity to fulfill your purpose. You may have held many job titles so far, but you’re really called here for a specific purpose. Staying true to yourself will help you fulfill that purpose.
  5. You are worthy of it all. You deserve love, happiness and joy and to live a life that honors the gifts God has blessed you with. Once you realize that it is your birthright, you’ll pursue whatever that thing is with all of your being. Yes, you deserve it all.

Bolder Sisters, if you haven’t already, it is time that you recommit to yourself. Keep those promises you made to yourself. Did you say “one day I’ll write that book!”, or “one day I’ll own my own home” or even “one day I’ll start that business”. Well, today is that day. Get started on the path to honoring you. Do what you planned and decide today to be intentional about making yourself and your purpose a priority.


6 thoughts on “How Committed are You to You?

  1. This topic comes at a really good years resolutions making time. It is so true..keeping promises to others seem to be more important than those promises to yourself! I will keep this article in mind when deciding MY New Years Resolution. I will always support the goals and accomplishments of my love ones but I will strive to make 2018 be about fulfilling promises to YOLONDA

  2. Super late…but such a great read. #3 is so true and I’m making a list right now of things I plan to do and get done and start working on them!!!!

  3. This is such a timing post.
    It’s something God have made me aware of.
    It even feel funny thinking about committing to myself. I think my brain think it means being selfish.
    But that’s not the case, in fact, it’s an act of self love.
    I’m getting better by taking small steps.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Vernon, I use to have similar thinking, that it was selfish to focus on me, but then I began to think of how my investment in myself is actually to benefit others. That put things in perspective. Our gifts are to be shared with others.

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