Lift Off (Poem)

 By Nannette Banks
I want to be free
able to fly at a moment’s notice without detection just take off in the breeze which helps to lift me higher if I trust relax and simply sore…
I want to be free
Free falling for endless moments
knowing the bottom is nearing, yet, pulling up in time…
let the knowledge of a bottom not hinder how deep I’m willing to go for you God, for love God, for flourishing God, for connection God.
I want to be free
able to fly without reticence, bounce along the treetops, perch on a branch and sing my song, the song, our song about freedom and all that is before us
I want to be free
able to fly at a moment’s notice without detection just lift off and you are with me I want us to be free
Chicago native Rev. Nannette Banks (United Church of Christ) is a world traveler, people and poetry lover who believes in the power of worship and the sacraments to liberate and set free all who are marginalized and oppressed –for the table was set in the presence of (my) the enemy. She is featured in several publications  most recently Brimming With God – To Give or Not To Give -Pickwick Publications and Wellsprings Journal Body, Oppression and Gospel – Theological Reflection.  Currently she is working on her Doctor of Ministry Degree. She holds a Masters of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary, A Masters in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Bachelors of Art from Aurora University.

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