I’m Tickled BOLD for This New Arrival

Bolder Sisters,

I come bringing good news, well actually amazing news! It has finally arrived coming in at 8.3 ounces and 6×9 inches! My newest book, Hello BOLD! The Confidence Guide for Conquering Shyness and Overcoming Fear has been delivered into the world. I am beyond excited to celebrate its launch and share it with you.

I still remember when it was just a concept in my head. Now it’s an empowering 119 page paperback book teaching women how to be confident and bold and live a life that honors their deepest passions and most exciting dreams. With Hello BOLD! we get to finally say loud and proud “bye, bye shy!”

What I am most stoked about is how many lives this transformative book will change. I am looking forward to hearing stories from women all over the world who try the exercises in Hello BOLD! and who start to live the fearless lives they were born to live. Yes sisters it is definitely an exciting time. Please join me in raising a glass and saying cheers to this new arrival.

In recognition of the launch, please check out the video below (yes, I overcame my fear of video) announcing the good news.

3 thoughts on “I’m Tickled BOLD for This New Arrival

  1. Tiya, I’m proud of you and excited to get my hands on ‘Hello Bold’! It was great to view a video of YOU sharing your journey from Shy Girl to Bolder Sister! You are an inspiration to many.

  2. Congratulations You Tiya! Would’ve never guess watching you do your thing! Can’t wait to get your book!

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