How I Stretched Myself Outside of My Comfort Zone

Hey Bolder Sisters!

What a great week. I truly stretched myself last week. I did things I talk about but have always been a little fearful of doing. Let me share a little bit of what I mean.

Last week I had to present in all staff meeting. Talk about crazy nervous, I was. Although I didn’t feel as though I did my best (there was even an awkward moment when I lost my balance and almost fell in front of everyone) I was still pleased that I did it. I stood up in front of everyone and I presented even though I was uncomfortable. Doing it afraid is good for me is what I am starting to accept about myself.

I also had a fun radio interview with Michael Baisden on Dream Killers. This for me, was a success. I felt relaxed and knowledgeable and like a true expert. Our conversation easily flowed like two old friends.

And then finally, Bolder Sisters, I created a video to promote my new book, Hello BOLD!  I am still waiting on the final edited version of the video, but I can’t wait to share it with each of you. Yes, I did that! This will be my very first video, so you can only imagine what I was going through leading up to it. I was a big ball of nervous energy. But I pulled it off and I can’t wait!

So, again, what a great week! I felt bolder than ever this week. It feels good to stretch myself and step outside of my comfort zone as often as possible.

Bolder Sisters, what about you? Where and when have you been stretching yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone? You got this, so do it!

Here’s my interview with Michael Baisden, enjoy!



2 thoughts on “How I Stretched Myself Outside of My Comfort Zone

  1. Congrats on your exciting week. I finally got a chance to sit down and listen to your interview, great job!!!! You make me so excited to be better!!! I’m excited and can’t wait for the new book and video!!!

  2. That’s exciting news. Congratulations on your wins this week! I’ve been trying to practice the “do it afraid” mentality as well. Have you ever read Joyce Meyer’s book, “Living Courageously: You Can Do Anything, Just Do It Afraid?” That was such an empowering book for me. I think us shy girls have to come to accept that we’ll be doing a lot of things while afraid until we become comfortable. And that’s okay!

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