Life is Really All About These Two Things

I love social media – well, at least the parts that are positive and inspiring. The rest they can keep. Whenever I am stuck in a rut, I find myself motivated by some of the social media posts I see.

I value the entrepreneur focused groups I participate in as well as my family and friends who simply take time to enjoy life. I sometimes need to be reminded by both. From my little sister who is always somewhere enjoying a brunch to those friends who are always celebrating life with their BFFs, it’s a reminder of what matters.

This week I found myself living vicariously through my friend’s vacation photos. Of course I’ve been on vacation, but there was just something about the timing of her photos, how she talked about them, and what she was actually celebrating. Her posts reminded me of the two most important things, in my opinion, about life. When I sit and reflect I realize that life really is about relationships and experiences. Let me explain each a little further. 


Life is short for sure and the relationships we build with other people should be meaningful. We should cherish the people we love by calling, visiting and showing appreciation as often as possible. It shouldn’t be wasted fighting over things that really don’t matter. My relationships are my everything and I have to show the people I love that truth a little more often. The ones I have with God, my family and my friends are what bring me joy. Where would I be if I didn’t have them in my life?


Again, life is short and the experiences we have will create memories that last a lifetime. Our experiences can be powerful. Of course they can bring excitement and fun, but they can also teach us very valuable lessons. I am grateful for the experiences I have had over my life and looking forward to creating even more. Even the experiences that were challenging, like my surgeries, taught me to value life and I am thankful to have gone through all 3 of them. This week will actually bring a few new experiences, that I will share in a future post. But again, I am looking forward to having them.

Let’s spend this week and the weeks to come showing people that we love them and why. Share with your children how proud you are of them and their accomplishments. Tell your spouse how crazy about them you really are, and show it too. Surprise your mom by sending her flowers. Hang out with that girlfriend you haven’t spoken to in a while just because, you don’t have to wait for her next birthday.  Call, don’t text, your grandparents and ask them if you can do anything for them. Just starting here will remind others of these two key life ingredients as well.

Bolder Sisters, what about you? How are you cherishing the relationships you’ve built and what are the experiences you’re creating?

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