Are You Waiting on Someone Else to Validate You?

Beautiful exotic young woman profile braided hairI was reminded this past week that I must stop seeking approval and validation from others. Of course it feels good for most of us when others recognize our success or the amount of effort we put into something. But when they don’t give us our props it doesn’t make us any less worthy of hearing that truth. Your validation must come from you and it must come often. If you struggle with realizing just what to validate yourself on, here are a few suggestions.

Bolder Sisters we are so amazing.

We can juggle so many titles and still maintain our sanity.
We are beautiful and we have style.
We are creative and compassionate.
We can move forward despite disappointment.
We know how to stand strong and support others. We keep pushing even when we have very little to push with.
We are always able to find a way when it looks like there isn’t one.
We can motivate everyone else around us and will be okay if it isn’t reciprocated.
We are gifted and talented.
We are focused.
We are loving and attentive.
We are intelligent.
We can get things done.
We are fun to be around.
We finish what we start.
We are who we are, and who we are is simply awesome.

It’s so easy to forget those qualities from time to time, especially if we’re waiting on others to remind us. We have to validate ourselves.

You have to remind yourself of each of those things listed above and you have to do it consistently.

There is no greater love than self love. In fact, you can’t share it with others if you haven’t first started with yourself.

Bolder Sisters, how can you start to validate yourself?

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