It’s 2017 and I’m Myself Again

samanthasI have a confession to make. Last year was a rough year for me in terms of understanding my purpose. The years prior to 2016 it was like I had my life all planned out with all of my goals set in place and ready for me to accomplish them. But it seemed like just a few months into 2016  I began to doubt myself, because I had lost my passion for the goals I was pursuing,  I stopped journaling my ideas and I did a lot of questioning myself.

I recently started doing a lot of self reflection. One of the questions I asked myself was, why did I have such a dry spell in 2016? While I don’t think that I found the complete answer because I am still learning myself.  I did realize that I had gotten discouraged because I encountered a few speed bumps along my ride to success. God had a unique way of revealing himself to me. He heard me make my bold declarations and he tested me.

I want this to be an encouragement to myself  and women who set their bar high and have big dreams.We may hit a dry spell, but that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with us we just have to keep pushing forward. My problem was that as soon as something didn’t go as planned I would doubt myself  and overthink. Don’t stop making bold goals just because things are not happening as fast as they should be. Believe God, because it will happen for you.

On New Years Eve, I pulled out my journal and jotted down some plans and goals for my future and I felt like myself again.  It’s 2017 and by the grace of God, I got my moxie back.

Bolder Sisters, Have you overcame a dry spell? How did you get your moxie back?



Dominique Mcgee is a motivational blogger who resides in the south suburbs of Chicago with her husband. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Communication Arts from Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL. Her other interests include DIY, fashion and lifestyle blogging. Dominique says if she is not motivating and uplifting women she is not fulfilling her purpose.  To read her blog, visit She Fly Now

7 thoughts on “It’s 2017 and I’m Myself Again

  1. Wow, Dominique!! You just told my story. Thank you for sharing this journey. I too, tend to overthink when things shift away from my expectations. I’m learning to control it. My moxie is slowing coming back so I’m looking forward to this year more than ever :-).

    1. I am so glad you got something from this post! Doubting ourselves is a huge distraction. I had to remind myself that I gotta dream big no matter what! Try pulling out a journal and just write down all of your goals big or small and make a vision board. That was one of the first steps I took. I promise you will feel better. Thanks for reading!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing your journey unfold! Beautiful post. i love your voice and your views. Thank you for sharing. Please check out my blog, i would love your feedback!

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