Dr. Pepper Schwartz‏ Breaks Down Bold New Attitudes on Dating, Love & Sex

Dr. Pepper Schwartz, renowned relationship expert, co-host of the top-rated show Married at First Sight and author of 25 books on relationships, took some time to chat with me about a new relationship study.

This new study from Avvo, a legal services marketplace, enlightens us on how attitudes are changing about relationships, marriage and modern love in America.

Today, relationships are more unique than ever. How we’re finding love is quite different from our parents’ relationships. With internet dating becoming so popular and the success of shows like Married at First Sight, it’s no wonder our attitudes toward dating and marriage are evolving. There’s a certain level of boldness that has to happen now when looking for Mr. Right.

Now Bolder Sisters you already know, whenever there is a conversation to be had on love, marriage and relationships, I’m all ears. I was excited to speak with Dr. Schwartz to find out more about Avvo’s study on relationships and modern love.

Bolder Sisters check out our interview here.

There were so many interesting findings in this study. Just when I thought I had an idea on why people fall in and out of love, this study definitely opened my eyes to a few new ideas. For example, for 3 out of 4 women, divorce did not come with regret. Most women are choosing happiness over attachment.  For that research and even more, check out the study here.

As always I need to hear your thoughts on the subject. Check out the interview and study and share your views in the comments section below.

One thought on “Dr. Pepper Schwartz‏ Breaks Down Bold New Attitudes on Dating, Love & Sex

  1. Great interview! I have watched the first 2 seasons of Married at First Sight and Dr. Pepper does give great advice. Out of all the reality dating shows, I think that show provides the best way at trying to make a ‘love connection’! You said it best Tiya, ‘certain level of boldness has to happen…’!

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