Think, Speak and Behave Like You’ve Already Arrived

Young woman relaxing outsideAre you speaking and behaving as though you are already that person you envisioned yourself being?

I was sent a really cool article the other day about faking it till you make it. Now, I know some don’t buy into that way of thinking. A few of you may even be thinking “faking it” isn’t who you really are. You may feel as though you aren’t being authentic whenever you have to “fake it”. But I beg to differ.

There is a vision inside of you, a person you hope to someday become. For us shy girls, the road to that vision and person is sometimes slow, winding and scary. We often do things that keep us further away from the person we were destined to be. We can easily self-sabotage, procrastinate or even talk ourselves right out of taking certain risks and being bold.

Living in fear for all these years has taught me a few very valuable lessons.

The first is to think about that woman I desire to become. She’s not so far off, I can actually see her now. I use to struggle at trying to reach her, but now she is within arms reach. I want to become her so bad. But what helps is me actually picturing her doing all those things I said I wanted to do with my life. Being more confident, taking on more leadership responsibilities, writing, coaching, training, and being considered the expert in my field, are just a few of those things. Thinking about who she is and what she does is necessary in my journey.

Once I can actually see the future me succeeding in those areas, I then have to start speaking as though I’ve already arrived at my destination. I have to start speaking like I’m already her. Talking as though these things are already happening. I can still be my authentic self, while claiming who I plan to be. I must speak with confidence about my future. When I feel it, others will see it.

Lastly, I have to behave like I’ve already arrived. Accepting those invitations that use to scare the hell out of me is a great first step. Putting myself in positions that stretch and challenge me are also necessary, but I’m up for the challenge.

Bolder sisters, it’s time for us to not just fake it till we make it, but as Amy Cuddy shares is this amazing video, we must fake it till we become it. Will you join me?

What does the future (unafraid) you actually look like? Use the comment section below to share your vision of the future you.



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