I Made Good on That Promise

Hey Bolder Sisters,

Remember a few months ago when I shared this article, Over 600 People Know My Plan? Well, I am so excited to say I did what I said I was going to do. I’ve made promises to myself before but was always okay, and to be honest relieved, when I would break them. Big tasks were scary to me. I told myself I would complete my book years ago and would continue to put it on the back burner. I was good with disappointing myself until, well just until a few months ago, when I said enough was enough.

Now I won’t lie and tell you the process I just completed was easy breezy. It was challenging. I did do a little doubting along the way. For a brief moment I questioned if my material was strong enough and couldn’t believe I was actually making my dream happen. I had to give myself a few pep talks and reminders that I am worthy, capable and an expert in my field. All of which kept me on course.  I stayed the course. I had a mentor and supportive family along the way, who wouldn’t allow me to throw in the towel. They believed in me, even during those moments of doubt. This time was completely different from all of those previous attempts. I was stronger and actually overpowered those negative thoughts.

Bolder Sisters, I put it out in the atmosphere, overcame my fear, and finished my book. In just a few short weeks, I will be a published author. It’s a brand new title for me, but one I have dreamed about nearly my whole life. It feels amazing. I also must say, you ladies, make me stronger as well. You believe anything is possible, and although fear sometimes holds you back too, you know there are certain things you must get accomplished. That’s why we’re here, to build one another up and share these moments of triumph. Reminding each other (there are now over a hundred of us bolder sisters), that shy girls become bold women who make things happen.

Now it’s your turn. I’ve asked the question before, but it needs repeating, what are you sitting on? There’s something you should be doing. A promise you’ve made to yourself that you have yet to make good on. It’s time.

Stay tuned for the book launch details.

Bolder Sisters, it’s your turn, what is one promise you’ve made to yourself and what are you doing about it? 

6 thoughts on “I Made Good on That Promise

  1. Absolutely wonderful!!! Very excited and proud of you. Keep up the good work. I’m sitting on a cpl things, need to get busy!!!

  2. I’m so excited and happy for you Tiya!! Your boldness continually gives me wings. I too, am sitting a dream to publish as well as launch a business. I feel encouraged to not give up. I can’t wait to read your new book.

    1. Thanks Kim! Please let me know how I can support you too. It’s like once you start and reach a certain point, there is no stopping you and no turning back. But I had to start. That was the hard and easy part, if that makes sense.

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