Over 600 People Know My Plan

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow ConceptLast week I stepped outside of my comfort zone and told over 600 friends and family on Facebook my plan.

I usually don’t share my goals with very many people for a few reasons. Of course one being not everyone is going to support you and the other because I don’t typically want a bunch of people asking me about my plans. You may be thinking what’s so wrong with having people ask you about your goals, right? Well, for those of us who are known for being mostly all talk, the asking turns into accountability. Unfortunately, I was a little uncomfortable with accountability.

Ladies, I can’t begin to tell you how many ideas I’ve had and how many times I’ve started something I thought was going to revolutionize the world. See, my past has shown me I’m a starter, but very rarely have I been a finisher. Until, well, last week.

To be honest, I have started and been very active with this blog, because I promised my Bolder Sisters something and I will deliver. Yes, I started and am still very much active with my coaching and blogging. But the author in me has been sitting quietly within patiently waiting to break through. And that time is now. I have known I wanted to write a book since I was a teenager.

So, instead of just keeping it to myself, which would make it much easier to forget about when I was no longer interested, I shared it. Yup, of course I shared it with family first, and my mentor. But I also blabbed to over 600 people on Facebook about my plan. Sisters let me tell you, it felt scary but also exhilarating. I even used bold langauge, like “I AM writing a book!” I may as well had ended that statement with a “damn it!”, that’s just how confident I was when I shared it. It felt good and it made it feel real. There has been a fire in me ever since.

I want those 600+ folks to stay on me, ask questions, and be curious about my progress. This time, it’s the real deal. I have envisioned myself holding the book in my hand, touring the country, sitting at a table doing a book signing, promoting it on The Today Show and in Essence Magazine. I even set a firm completion deadline (December 5th, my birthday). The only thing that can stop me is my own stinking thinking. Which, this time, has no room in my plan. I AM making this happen.  Sisters, I can’t explain how liberating this feels and I hope you will join me. There is something in you, it may not be a book, but it is something BIG you want to accomplish. The best way to begin is by sharing your plan, confidently, with people you trust who will hold you accountable.  Life is only once and I am a big believer of “no regrets”, so let’s make it happen.

Bolder Sisters, how would you complete this sentence,  I AM ________________________. Proudly declare your plan and take action!


5 thoughts on “Over 600 People Know My Plan

  1. Well I’d have to complete the sentence by saying ‘I AM proud of My Bolder Sister/Blogger/Author/Life Coach Tiya Cunningham-Sumter!!

    1. Shantel, thank you so much for reading this post and your words of encouragement. It means so much!

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