Are You An Introvert?

I was asked this question recently as I participated in a panel for the organization I work for, The Cara Program. The panel included an amazing group of women and focused on the theme, “Women, better together.”

On the panel (surprisingly I wasn’t as nervous as I usually am, although there were over 100 women in the room) I shared my truth and reservations about not raising my voice and why I had to create the bolder sister blog. Immediately after I was asked this question,

“So are you an introvert?”

Which I promptly answered, “No, I love people and am excited when I am approached by someone, but I just can’t do the approaching, I’m shy.” See I don’t need to be alone, sometimes I may keep to myself, but I much rather be in the company of others. But it was an interesting exchange.

Fast forward to this week, and I was excited to come across this article on Real Simple, titled Are You an Introvert Or Are You Shy? (Yes, There Is a Difference). It spoke to me and I am sure will speak to you too. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Bolder Sisters, are you an introvert or are you shy? 

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