For Those Who Don’t Have A Voice…

April is child abuse and sexual assault awareness month, and what better way to take back our power as survivors and protect our children than to discuss it. You may not know this, but the Bolder Sister community is made up of nearly one hundred women from various walks of life. Some have experienced domestic violence, child abuse and unfortunately sexual assault. For the majority of the bolder sisters this blog speaks to, their voices have been silenced by the crimes committed against them. That journey toward reclaiming what was lost can become arduous. Support and an outlet to release is much needed.  Sisters, it is time to reclaim your power.

Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness 2015 (1)

On Saturday, April 25th a powerful workshop will take place in Chicago, ministering to women and offering the tools needed for prevention and healing. Please spread the word and ask others to do the same.  See flyer for the details.


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