I Almost Made The Biggest Bold Mistake Ever

IMG_2588I’m really good at preaching boldness and actually living it in my own life. In fact, I am the boldest I have ever been, opening my mouth more frequently and jumping on opportunities I wouldn’t have accepted just a couple of short years ago.  It feels amazing, it truly does. That’s why the mistake I almost made a couple of months ago is so puzzling for me. I almost stunted another young sister and her boldness.

The young bolder sister I speak of is my oldest daughter, who is now a senior in high school. She sees me creating bolder sister tee shirts, sweatshirts and journals, and accepting speaking engagements, and yet she couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t want her to be just as bold as the other ladies I minister to.

While my daughter was deciding on colleges, it was my selfish intention to keep her as close to home as possible. So I promoted the schools that were closest, not necessarily the best for her major or her personal development. The schools she was most excited about, were all the furthest away, over 10 hours by car. So not being able
to take a quick drive to see her was messing with my mental.   I tried to use fear tactics to keep her close to home. I would remind her of certain things like she’d be the only one out of her friends to go to those schools, that she would have to fly to and from home, and questioned whether or not they were good choices financially. None of which worked by the way. She decided that despite all that I had said, she wanted to go for it, because the opportunity it created outweighed any of her own concerns and my selfish fears. She wasn’t concerned about going to a town she had never been, where she didn’t know anyone and making a fresh start. She was excited about making new friends from different parts of the world and being at one of the best places possible to study for her future career.

Despite someone, her own mom,  trying to prevent her boldness, she was as bold as ever and made the choice that honored her. I am so proud that even when I didn’t realize it, my husband and I were raising our own little Bolder Sister. I thank God that He allowed us to be her parents, and I know He will protect her, always.

So, as I prepare to let her go, allowing her to spread her wings, I am also inspired by her act of courage and how she is pursuing her dreams without fear. I think what freaked me out the most is that she was doing things I wasn’t able to do when I was her age. Once I made that realization, I was able to applaud her boldness, step back and watch in awe the bolder sister she is becoming, and has always been.

Bolder Sisters, is there someone in your life you need to allow to be bold? Please share.

4 thoughts on “I Almost Made The Biggest Bold Mistake Ever

  1. Thank you for being honest and open about almost making a mistake. You have created a ‘mini you’ in terms of boldness and have passed down your gift of writing to her. I look forward to meeting ‘Kyler, the College Graduate!’

  2. My oldest daughter just turned 13, but I can definitely relate to this. She speaks of wanting to travel and go to college away from home, but my Husband (sometimes I as well) would like for her to stay close. Reading this reminded me of my own dream to go to Dillard University in Georgia near my Aunt, but my parents chose a local university.. I wished I’d have had the opportunity to know something outside of my home town, back then. I want to give my daughter the opportunity, instead of being selfish with my own desire to keep her near.. if that’s what she still wants by then. Thank you for this post!

    1. Sandiblondechic thank you for reading my post! I appreciate you. I know what you mean, it’s hard right, letting go. I have to tell you it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can only imagine the regret, I would have had as a parent, not allowing my girl to spread her wings. She is blossoming and doing extremely well in college. But letting your young lady go, when it’s time, will be an amazing experience for both of you!

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