A Bolder Sister Pledge

78892206-9644-4154-8dd8-f73e6d2d3297Ladies, ever notice how we sometimes do all this talking about what we hope to accomplish in this life with very little movement? For me, I’ve been trying to figure out when the talking stops and the action begins. I know what I desire to do, have my coaching practice prosper and become a leading expert in life and relationship coaching and speaking. I also plan to be featured in all of my favorite media like Essence Magazine, O Magazine, Real Simple and on the OWN network. In order for that to happen, it is a must that I believe it and connect. What has prevented me from connecting in the past, has been doubt. I find that as I am building up my confidence and becoming even more vocal in my daytime training opportunity, I can use that same energy to place myself in front of the right people. That is exactly what I plan to do.

I am willing to bet that you also have some bold moves you’ve been contemplating. You want to make something happen and may be unsure on how exactly to get it done. If so, let’s encourage one another. We can hold each other accountable as we plan our next big BOLD move. If you’re with me, let’s do this together. Boldness requires commitment. We must be consistent and keep the promises we make to ourselves. Will you join me? If so, here’s the pledge I hope you are willing to also commit to:

As a Bolder Sister, I pledge to…

Answer the calling God has placed on my life

Do it afraid (whatever that big scary goal may be)

Utilize my networks to help me succeed

Do things that stretch me outside of my comfort zone

Ask for what I want

Believe that I already possess the wisdom and talent to make it happen

Trust God with the opportunities He is presenting

Walk through those open doors with confidence

Encourage other women

Share my stories with others

Love myself enough to know I deserve it

Bolder Sisters, I do hope you continue to ride with me on this journey. The success we desire is within our grasp. We just have to be bold enough to pursue it.

Bolder Sisters, what is the current bold move you know you need to make?


5 thoughts on “A Bolder Sister Pledge

  1. Tiya, I believe you are ALREADY a leader in your coaching & writing fields! It’s great you are sharing your pledge ideas with others to bring them along with you!

  2. I absolutely agree with Yolanda! You’re part of the reason I’m ‘jumping’ in a lot of areas in my life :-)! I want to publish a collection of my poems and short stories. Reading this pledge made my heart skip a beat!

  3. Ahh you ladies are just too kind! Thank you for the motivation! You inspire me as well. Let’s make our dreams a reality!!!

  4. Ahh you both are too kind. Thank you for the motivation. You ladies inspire me as well. It’s time we went for “it”, for real for real! Let’s make it happen!

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