How Do You Wear Your Confidence?

African American Woman Snapping her Fingers to MusicHello Bolder Sisters!

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, but my sisters you have been on my mind. Thinking about you, what you’ve been accomplishing and how you are achieving your boldness are a few of those thoughts. I sure hope you have loved and embraced the good, the great and everything in between about yourselves. I sure have.

This week I returned from a much needed mini vacation to Phoenix, Arizona. I had a blast. As I prepared for the trip I created my packing checklist, as I always do, and thought about the looks I wanted to obtain each day. So, I had to sort through my choices and decide what I wanted to wear. Now I can’t wear everything, because everything isn’t flattering on me. But there are quite a few options I can rock, that I wear well.

All of that got me thinking about everything I “wear”. My personality, compassion and concern for others and well, yeah, my confidence.

You’d be surprised ladies, on the variety of ways to wear confidence. I’m prouder than I have ever been of the woman I’ve become. Here’s how I wear my confidence today:

I walk with my shoulders back and head held high. The sign of confidence in a woman is her walk. I make mine mean something. I strut with purpose, and I look like I always have somewhere important to go.

I speak positively about myself. It feels amazing to be in a place where I can say I love me, my shape, my hair and my personality. Ladies, I truly do love me!

I accept compliments without a negative thought or comment. In the past when someone would compliment me, I was quick to downplay their comment and replace it with some type of contradiction. Not today, I take it all in and promptly thank them.

I wear big hair, bright colors and bold lips because I’m no longer afraid of drawing attention. I use to keep myself pretty basic, because I didn’t want a whole lot of eyes on me. Not today, I’m good with the stares and smiles.

Wearing your confidence means you’re loving all of you, just the way you are.

There are a variety of ways to wear your confidence. The key is that you just wear it.

Bolder Sisters, how do you wear your confidence?

5 thoughts on “How Do You Wear Your Confidence?

  1. I wear my confidence with a smile on my face. I’ve learned that when you smile, it exudes energy from within and draws attention to your positive image. In the past, I learned from others that I appeared to have a “not so welcome” look on my face. But not anymore, regardless to what’s going on I’ve found that smiling has the ability to make a change, even if it’s just inward. Truly, when
    you smile–the world will smile back at you!

  2. I wear my confidence when I compliment other women. I feel that by acknowledging the beauty in others, I’m acknowledging my own. It’s nice to see the surprise on their faces when they hear a sincere compliment from another women.

  3. I wear my confidence ‘on my head’..when I am rocking the ‘right’ wig…I am super confident about everything else! I will even strike up conversations with strangers and I usually avoid that!

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