It’s Not Nearly as Frightening As it Use to Be

scary girlLast week a coworker of mine recommended me to give a presentation on best practices for interviewing to a large group of professionals. Typically when I’m tasked with creating and delivering any type of presentation in my daytime work I’m always slightly on edge, even when it’s material I teach all the time. The moment he asked if I was interested and I accepted, the nerves took over my body. Knots in my stomach, envisioning the blank stares in the audience and a million and one negative thoughts running through my head, was a little of what I experienced. However, this time was different. It wasn’t as intense. I was confident this go around. I knew if I prepared, the presentation would be on point. What I now felt was the normal jitters most people experience whenever they are doing something new.

On the day of the presentation, as I patiently waited on my introduction, a sense of calm came over me. When I stepped in the front of that group, I owned the room. I took my time and presented with knowledge and confidence. What I enjoyed most was observing the audience take notes. After, I received the following note from the coordinators of the event:

“Hi, Tiya—

I just wanted to formally thank you for presenting this morning at the “Interview All-Star” meeting. Many of the evaluations I received cited the information you shared as being extremely valuable to their work. I thought your presentation was really well organized and touched on all the steps of the interview process like I had hoped. So, thank you for taking time to pull that information together and presenting this morning!”

Yes, my inner bolder sister is kicking in more frequently, and I love it. It’s not nearly as frightening as it used to be.

Here are a few takeaways from this experience I need to share with you:

In prayer, ask God to provide you with confidence in that moment.

Believe that you are stronger than you think and capable of anything!

The better prepared you are the less scary it will feel.

Picture yourself succeeding, every time!

Your ideas and talents are valued, or you wouldn’t have been chosen for certain opportunities.

You are a bolder sister, enough said!


Bolder Sisters, I would love to hear from you. Where are you needing to step out of your comfort zone?



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