3 Things Every Bolder Sister Should Know How to Do

Speak her mind with confidence, boldness and intelligence

Walk with her head held high owning her beauty

Properly maintain her vehicle and change a tire

Now you may have been slightly thrown off by #3, but yes, every woman should know how to properly care for her vehicle. This includes changing tires, checking oil and everything else that comes along with that. While we love our relationships and appreciate the men in our lives, we still must be able to take action when certain situations arise. This is why I’m excited to share the details of this upcoming free car clinic for woman (in Chicago).  As I questioned whether or not women actually needed this workshop, I encountered a situation which proved we did.



Last week, at the conclusion of an amazing Girl Scout camping weekend, one of the moms noticed her car had a flat tire as we prepared to leave. While the mom had all the tools needed, the spare, the jack, none of us actually knew how to help her. I personally felt completely helpless as the only thing I could think of was to find a “how-to-change-a-flat-tire” video on YouTube to assist her. While other women called on their husbands or other people they knew who might be able to help, I knew as women, this was something we’d better get familiar with. This is exactly why I encourage all of my Bolder Sisters in Chicago to check out this free upcoming car clinic.

Ladies, it’s the last hands-on class for the year
Our next clinic will be taught in a classroom
TH 12 NOON – 2 PM

This class teaches women:
*How to change a tire
*How to check and add fluids
*How to check and change fuses
*How to replace wiper blades
*How to jump a battery

The goal of this hands-on class is to empower the participants with the
confidence to perform light automotive maintenance. As well as to teach her the
language she’ll need to understand and communicate more effectively about her
auto repair needs.

Dress comfortably and bring a friend. Space is available for the 1st 8-10 cars so
come early & pull your car into our garage so you can work on your own vehicle!
Beverages & light snacks (fruit, crackers & cheese, chips and dip) will be served!
Please RSVP at http://www.wheelzontime.com

Wheelz On Time
700 S. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60605

Women CCC Oct (1)

As always Bolder Sisters,  I would love to hear from you. Do you know how to properly maintain your vehicle?



4 thoughts on “3 Things Every Bolder Sister Should Know How to Do

  1. This is an awesome idea! Thank you for posting. I have had so many car issues over the years (smh). I should be able to do each one of these things effortlessly!!

  2. #3 did catch me off guard but it’s so true. Luckily I can check my oil and charge a battery. I was taught how to change a tire many years ago but since I never had to do it I’d probably need to brush up on that!

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