I’m On Fire!

 fireThis is exactly how I feel right now! I wish you all could’ve seen me in action. Previously, I would sit in meetings with my team and while I was listening attentively, and creating in my mind, I would not raise my voice. I would have these brilliant ideas (in my opinion) and be too afraid to share them. Just like a lump on a log, quiet, with nothing to contribute. False, I actually did have quite a bit to contribute. Damn, that fear! I’ve told you before the hold it had on me. Not anymore.

Now, I’m sharing like crazy. It feels so good when you open your mouth, and whether it makes sense or not to anyone else in the room, you say it anyway. I have been doing just that. In a recent meeting, I thought about an idea, and just for a second, my inner Gremlin Mrs. FEARina showed up. You know she still speaks to me from time to time, encouraging me to keep quiet. This time was different, I heard her loud and clear and chose to speak anyway. I asked a question and made a suggestion, and just like that, everyone in the room thought it was a great idea and are planning to implement right away. The words that encouraged me most, came from someone on the team who said “I never thought of that, that’s good”.

It made me think of all the other situations I could have had the same impact on, but I didn’t. It was a great lesson learned. One of my greatest fears has always been missing it! Not living up to my fullest potential and sharing my gifts has always been one of my concerns. That statement from my coworker, reminded me, that my sharing motivates others. If it is a struggle to do it for myself, I have to remember to do it for others. Yes, I’m on fire and this is only the beginning.

We aren’t meant to keep it all for ourselves, we should be giving those gifts away!

Bolder Sisters, where are you on fire right now!

4 thoughts on “I’m On Fire!

  1. I’m on fire with hitting a stride in my business! Knowing that people believe in my work and trust me to help change their lives feels amazing!

  2. I’m on fire about weight loss. I’ve had this discussion MANY times over the years but I’m finally serious about it because now I see how it is affecting SEVERAL areas in my life.

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