10 Reasons Why Women Business Owners Rock!

No 10Owning a business could possibly be one of the most arduous tasks we will ever encounter and yet one of the most rewarding. It’s somewhat like the birth of a baby; going through the incubation process right up to the delivery. When some think of business owners it’s rare to also think of the blood, sweat and tears involved. The end results are obvious, but sometimes we assume a quick wave of a magic wand created the opportunity. Those of us in business for ourselves know how absolutely false that thinking is. It takes a powerful woman to even start the process of entrepreneurship and an even stronger woman to follow the idea through to completion. It’s not often women business owners receive the credit they are due. Here are a few reasons women business owners rock.

1. Women business owners pursue their passion

Do you know how difficult it is to pursue an idea? Turning something you once saw only in your dreams into a business that actually brings in an income and shares a gift with the world is extraordinary.

2. Women business owners ignore the naysayers

Can you imagine how many negative seeds are planted into the minds of women who plan to start a business? The moment we share our dream, there is usually someone in our circle who can only think of why our idea won’t work. Pushing beyond the negativity and going for it anyway will quickly change the minds of everyone with doubts.

3. Women business owners make some serious sacrifices

Are you aware of what women have to give up in order to build and sustain a successful business? Cutting back on those little luxuries, saying no when we’d rather say yes, and missing out on events are just a few. These women don’t mind sacrificing because they are aware of the importance of leaving behind a legacy.

4. Women business owners believe in themselves

It couldn’t be done otherwise. Do you realize how many individuals struggle with this one? Plenty. Knowing our worth, the gifts we bring and why the world needs what we offer is crucial to being a success.

5. Women business owners take a risk

Are you familiar with the risk required for starting a business? The stakes are high, and if it fails there is great loss. Women in business don’t think about failing, their focus is only on succeeding. They also know the value that results in taking a risk.

6. Women business owners have to work twice as hard to benefit from the same results as their male counterpart

How many individuals do you know willing to work twice as hard for anything? There aren’t very many. These women recognize this fact and still aren’t willing to stop.

7. Women business owners are able to make tough decisions

Have you ever thought about the decisions that go into starting and running a business? Hiring, firing, investing, selecting vendors and creating partnerships are a few of the difficult choices needing to be made for women in business. They are usually able to make these decisions with style and grace, ensuring long-term business success. .

8. Women business owners do it afraid

Do you know how frightening it is to venture into the unknown? We’d be sadly mistaken if we thought every business owner had no doubts, no concerns or no fears. They are human like everyone else, so their doubts and fears are real. Yet, these women do what they do afraid. Fear has no authority in their business and no control over their actions.

9. Women business owners demonstrate their expert knowledge

Are you aware of the amount of research needed to become an expert in your field? Since we know people normally work with and purchase from people they trust, women in business have to be experts in their industry. Studying and staying current on the field is key to sustaining a business.

10. Women business owners are leading by example

Is it possible to be successful in business and not be concerned about the impact you have? These women are forever changing our communities and the lives of the young women who are observing. When strong women lead, young women follow and the cycle repeats.

Yes, women business owners absolutely rock. They’re bolder, stronger and have demonstrated a consistent perseverance. It’s only fitting to celebrate those women who rock in their business and make significant contributions to us all.

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