My Goal: “Mom & Wife Extraordinaire”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can’t believe I said it out loud, to a group of 40 people nonetheless. I shared my secret goal in public. As I recently facilitated a workshop, I shared with the group who I felt I was created to be. The class focused on life mapping. As I helped individuals uncover their life’s purpose, I also shared mine. During the creation of the life mapping exercise each person had to begin with their center, who they believed they were to become. I reassured them by stating it’s okay if you haven’t arrived there yet, it’s about discovering who that person is. The next step was to create goals for the other areas of their lives. These goals would assist them in becoming whoever they put in the center of their personal life map

The title on the center of my life map was “Mom & Wife Extraordinaire/Motivational Speaker and Life Change Leader”. Whoa, right? Not only is that a huge title, it’s a tremendous amount of responsibility as well. After I shared this with the group, I immediately wondered, now how in the hell am I going to achieve this?

Sometimes people get overwhelmed by the idea of their goals. We don’t often realize how the achievement of goals actually works. We have to begin with smaller goals first. As I prepare to take on the challenge of living up to my truest potential I have to be honest and face my limiting beliefs. For far too long I held back and maintained a low profile. I typically took the easy way out. Today, the easy route won’t work for me. I have two daughters and a spouse who expect greatness out of me.

In order for me to be the Mom & Wife Extraordinaire/Motivational Speaker and Life Change Leader I plan on becoming, I have to step up and be bold! I have to be giving and driven all at the same time. I have to make sacrifices and get busy networking. Things won’t happen for me unless I make them happen. I have to be spiritually connected, study my bible and maintain my relationship with my heavenly Father/My Creator. This is His plan and I am ready to live it out. I have to also always be in learning mode! We should never stop learning.

When we really want something, even if it is a big crazy goal, we have to go for it, and I’m going for it!

Bolder Sisters, please share one of your big and crazy goals?


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