I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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In Psalm 139:14, I am reminded of the following: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,  I know that full well.” How can I not be amazing? God knows the plans He has for me. They are grander and bolder than I could have ever imagined. My limitations were the ones I chose to place on myself. Every morning as I begin my day I always have two choices. I can choose to walk in the glory of God and be all of whom He created. Or I can decide not to be as great as I really am, which costs me my truth. I’ll miss opportunities and the ability to bless others with my gifts. Being too concerned about the opinions of others was my downfall in the past. Today, I am so in love with me! Like many relationships, it may have started off a little shaky, but my love affair with myself has fully blossomed.

Although my journey to this amazing space of discovery was arduous, I am so grateful to have finally arrived. There is something awe-inspiring about loving all of who you are. I didn’t always know how to appreciate this wonderful creation of God. Now that I am clear on everything that contributes to my greatness, it’s time to celebrate me. Ridding my life of fear, procrastination, hesitation, doubt, and worry was just the cleansing I needed to love who I see everyday. It’s easy to love the areas we feel are our greatest assets, but we must be willing to love the parts that aren’t always so pretty. So here goes what I truly love about Tiya Cunningham-Sumter:

I love my nappy hair. It’s coarse, it tangles and it’s hard to comb out and manage. BUT I love it from the root to the ends.

I love my nearsightedness. Yes, I can’t read a sign in the distance or make out the distinct features of a person a few feet away. BUT I love that I look amazing in glasses and I have since the 7th grade.

I love my knock knees. I use to think a bowed leg was sexy, BUT I love my legs, knees and thighs, they look awesome in my jeans.

I love the scars on my stomach. One is from they cesarean section that brought one of my amazing daughters into this world and the other is from the emergency surgery that had to be performed to save my life. I thank God for both of them. So much so, I even recently purchased a 2-piece bikini! Oh yes I did!

I love my optimism. Even when the results aren’t what I wanted, I am confident that a brighter day will always show up, always! I truly love all of me. The parts I want to change, I will. But for now I’m celebrating how fearfully and wonderfully made I really am! I hope you’ll do the same.

Bolder Sisters, please share some of what you love about yourself.

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7 thoughts on “I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

  1. Tiya, this post is awesome for so many reasons! I can totally relate (as can so many women) to not loving or even knowing how to love yourself. It’s why I’m passionate about working with moms so they understand the importance and beauty of loving themselves. I could see myself in just about all of your points above…I’m not at stage yet to get back into a 2 piece but I’m working on it! LOL Thank you so much for being a part of our blog tour, we really appreciate it!

  2. Yes! Like you, I now LOVE my extremely thick, coarse hair, my ever changing size 4 ’bout to be size 6 body! Lol. But most of all, I LOVE my RESILIENCE!!! Woo, chile.. Loved the article, Tiya!

  3. For the past 5 years, I’ve been in my hole due to being a victim of domestic violence and falsely accused by my ex-husband. I felt violated and ashamed because I couldn’t figure out how can a human being treat another human being like a pile of dirt or a low-life – it’s like dealing with a devil. Because of this, I’ve been quiet and try not to let my voice heard. Realizing and coming to a grip that I’m not alone. Now I’ve leave the horrible ordeal in the past and move on to a new positive journey. My life have turned for the better with new people in my life that are good- influenced and will not allow anything or anyone of any source that is negative-influence to be part of my life again.

    1. You definitely are not alone. It is time you let your voice be heard, it’s powerful and you already know you are worthy of the best that life has to offer.

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