Hello BOLD! Launch and Celebration

Well Hello Bolder Sisters! “Wow” is about the only word that comes to mind when I think about this past weekend. I am so excited to share the highlights of the Hello BOLD! book launch and celebration. It began with a room full of beautiful, bold women who filled the room with nothing but positive energy. I was surrounded by people who love and care … Continue reading Hello BOLD! Launch and Celebration

Bye, Bye Shy!

Hey Bolder Sisters, One thing I’m noticing about myself lately is that my shyness is becoming less and less frequent. Over the past few weeks I’ve had to present new concepts to large groups and the shyness and fear I usually experience wasn’t as evident this time. What’s worked for me is putting myself in more situations that stretch me outside of my comfort zone. … Continue reading Bye, Bye Shy!

What’s Your Fear Looking Like? By Kristen Robinson

Fear is truly wild because it is the most insidious, creeping, fickle thing. It will disguise itself as your best friend and then kick you in the kneecaps. Then it will blow Cuban Cigar ashes in your face and be all like “What are YOU looking like that for, see?” In a fast-talking 20’s detective voice. Then Fear will walk off, leaving you with nothing … Continue reading What’s Your Fear Looking Like? By Kristen Robinson

What Has God Saved You For?

Last week was a bit challenging for me. As I’ve been successfully overcoming my fear of speaking up and letting my voice be heard, I still find that I struggle when it comes to other areas in my life. My health, from time to time causes me to doubt and worry. Sometimes I forget to believe and exercise my faith. I’ve had healthy challenges in … Continue reading What Has God Saved You For?