Listen For Your Calling

What’s new Bolder Sisters?

Last week I had the pleasure of celebrating the housewarming of a dear friend. Now her new home is about 45 minutes away from mine, so on that ride I had a lot of time to think and speak with God about my life. I love our conversations and the clarity they always bring.

During my drive I questioned my calling and my gifts. I asked God to reveal to me if I was in fact on the right path and in alignment with His plan for my life. It’s always a good idea to have a check in to confirm you’re on the right course.

As I continued the drive in silence I listened and was open to whatever He was going to reveal to me. Upon arriving to her home I showered my friend with love, felt the warmth of her beautiful new house, loved on her family and friends and enjoyed the festivities.

I think I must have forgotten all about my ride over, because I didn’t even realize that God hadn’t answered my question about my career path yet. But as I prepared to leave the Housewarming my friend says, “oh Tiya, I forgot to tell you my big sister has also written a book recently.” And as I began to chat with my friend’s sister, she shared that her book was all about finding your purpose, how appropriate. I was just questioning my own and was now having a whole conversation about purpose, serving and being a Life Coach and Author. Well, our discussion was God’s way of confirming that I’m doing His work. My friend also reminded me of the women’s retreat I was supposed to plan. I needed all of that. I left that housewarming with a renewed sense of purpose. I’m listening to God and I’m grateful that He used other Bolder Sisters to get me back on track.

Bolder Sisters, I hope you too are listening for your calling. Actually, I hope that you’ve already heard it and are living, breathing and walking in your purpose. There are far too many women allowing fear to keep them stuck in places that are simply dimming their light.

My sisters, I hope that isn’t you. I hope your light is shining bright and that you’re sharing it, as you should be, with the world. If you’re not, it’s never too late. As long as you’re here, you can make it happen. Please share what you’re up to in the comment section below so I can cheer you on! Remember, to live fearlessly and be all God has prepared you to be, always.

P.S. Sisters, I realize it has been a minute and we’ve missed you. Please know that the times we’re quiet isn’t because you don’t matter, it’s truly because you do, and we always want to bring you the best of us. With that being said, we will get back on track with our regular biweekly schedule. Thank you for loving us through it all.

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