Confidence Boosting Tricks Every Woman Should Try

In my super shy girl days I often kept many of my thoughts to myself and did more observing than I actually did participating.

It may have been my everyday normal way back when, but today I’ve found my voice and I use it as often as possible. It took some practice, and there are still tricks I have to use to remind me to be bold every now and then.

Of course, whatever I learn and use on building confidence I have to share with all of my other Bolder Sisters. So, here are a few of those confidence boosting tricks every woman should try:

Self-Talk is always the best talk. I often talk to myself and I’m good with that. It’s what I say in those conversations that really matter. I have made it a habit of speaking life into my own life. Here are a few of the things I say “Girl, you got this!”, “You are so funny”, “Girl, you nailed that!”, “Girl, they really enjoyed your presentation.” These type of chats boost my confidence and help me move forward toward action. They can definitely do the same for you. How you talk to yourself affects what actions you take. Whether what you say is positive or negative, you’ll believe it. Now, what does your own self-talk include?

Past accomplishments always help with future success. Whenever I experience moments of doubt about an upcoming workshop, presentation or big project, I think about my successes from the past and I’m reminded that I can easily do it again. Remember when you overcame fear and accomplished that thing you were crazy nervous about? Well guess what, if you did it then, you’re likely to do it again. So trust that past success wasn’t just a fluke, but that you actually have what it takes to act in spite of fear. You’re powerful sister! Now, what were a few of your past accomplishments?

Outer confidence is just as importnant as inner confidence. Whenever I stand up straight, with my shoulders back and walk like I always have somewhere important to go, I instantly feel the power within. Your body language sends a very important message to the rest of the world about you. Good eye contact, firm handshakes, and standing up straight are a few of the ways to demonstrate confidence. If you aren’t confident, others will notice. So, start showing condience in your body language. What are a few things you can start doing today, with your body language, to demonstrate confidence?

Ladies, these are just a few of the tricks you can try whenever you aren’t feeling like the bolder sister you truly are. Each are easy to apply and will help you to feel that bold girl magic again.


3 thoughts on “Confidence Boosting Tricks Every Woman Should Try

  1. Thanks for the boosting tricks..especially the one about Self Talk. While I talk to myself a lot, the comments you brought up I usually speak those to others! I have to keep in mind that I need to hear those comments as well..from me!

  2. Love it, I will definitely be keeping these tips in mind. I don’t think I’m shy, but I doubt myself a lot and can uses these to help with building confidence and being more bold.

    1. That’s what so many of us do, doubt our own abilities. Affirmations and positive self talk will remind us of what we are truly capable of.

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