I No Longer Fear, Fear

Life is interesting. It can bring us a ton of lessons, challenges, dissapointments and joy. Of course I am always looking forward to those moments of joy, but I embrace the others because I know they make me stronger. Fear is also one of those things I am beginning to understand just a little bit better, it has also made me stronger. I’m beginning to have a new appreciation for fear, I don’t view it as I did in the past. Here’s a little of what I mean.

I once saw fear as this big, ugly, scary monster who robbed me of joy and opportunity. It seemed as though it always came to take something away from me; something I wanted. I had at one point even named my fear, you probably recall hearing of “Ms. Fearina”. I named her and even created a physical replica of her. She was something, and I gave her all of this negative power over my life. Today though, I don’t see her the same. She didn’t really change, but I did.

I’m learning there are benefits to fear. It doesn’t always surface to remove something from our lives or to even really stop us from achieving certain goals. For me, I am beginning to see that my fear reminds me that the thing I’m pursuing at that moment is worth pursuing at the moment. I no longer dread the feelings of fear (now I’m not talking about the fear of danger, where my life is threatened), I mean that fear whenever I’m public speaking or networking or using my gifts in a new environment. Those moments have turned into the ones I have started looking forward to most. If it isn’t a little bit scary for me, I’m not stretching myself enough. I need to continue to pursue opportunities that stretch and challenge me. I need to continuously step outside of my comfort zone. That is growth, and I’m not living up to my fullest potential if I’m not having those experiences.

Bolder Sisters, I bet you can relate. There are probably some areas of your life where having that fear really isn’t all that bad. As always I’d love to hear your story. Where are you fearful right now and how can you begin to look at that fear as a benefit? How will the experience you fear stretch you or make you better? How will you move forward despite having that fear? Sisters, I challenge you to embrace it and even welcome it into your lives. Believe me it serves a purpose.

Let’s declare, together, we will no longer fear, fear!

One thought on “I No Longer Fear, Fear

  1. I stand and declare with you…”I will no longer fear, fear!” When I’m faced with it, I intend to quote that motto!

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