Are You Doing What You Love?

This week I had the pleasure of experiencing women, from different parts of the world, who love what they do. I, unfortunately, don’t encounter women who seem to love their work very often. So whenever I do, it reminds me that all of us bolder sisters should be striving for the same thing. Being bold means we’re making choices that lead us to living a life we love.
My daughter and I had a mommy and daughter date night to the UniverSoul Circus. We were entertained from the beginning to the very end. From the Caribbean limbo dancers, to trapeze artists, to the Trinity performers and contortionists, our experience was unforgettable.
What I remember most is the joy on each of the performer’s faces. They were doing what they love.
There is a lot of training and experience needed to perform in the UniverSoul Circus. You can’t walk off the street and begin performing. For someone to invest the time and energy into this profession, they must love what they do. To see these women, of various cultures, performing with so much passion and joy, was encouraging to me. It reminded me that I should be doing what I love more often.  Why should we live this life without doing some of what we love.
Bolder Sisters, are you doing what you love? Do you have a calling on your life you need to pursue? Are you investing your time and energy into your passion? If you aren’t, what are you waiting for?
One of my new goals is living a life with little to no regret. For me, that means I have to do the things I love. I also have to stretch myself and take risks that stretch me even further. The bottom line is I want to enjoy my life, family and career. I hope you too, Bolder Sisters, will start doing what you love. 
If you’re interested in having a UniverSoul Circus experience, and believe me you won’t regret it, click the link for more info. 

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