Are You On Assignment? My Personal Conversation with Lisa Nichols

lisanichols andme1 lisanicholsandme3I was blessed to have a heart to heart conversation with the always inspirational Lisa Nichols, author of Abundance Now. Lisa, one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people, spoke truth and life into my spirit, during the Disney Dreamers Academy weekend. It was so powerful, I had to share with my bolder sisters. Here you go, prepare to be inspired:

The Bolder Sister: Have you ever been fearful or afraid, when you were launching your business and starting to speak? And how did you overcome it?


Lisa Nichols: You’re assuming that I’m not that now.

The Bolder Sister: I am assuming that.

Lisa Nichols: That’s an assumption girl. Cause everytime I play bigger than I’ve ever played before the fear storm comes again. Like right now I’m one of two African-American women with a public company on Wall Street. I’m leaving here (Disney Dreamer’s Academy) to go to Wall Street to meet with the people. So I still have it. But I embrace the butterflies. I embrace the bats. You know how people say I have butterflies in my stomach, I have bats in my stomach? I have eagles in my stomach so big. So what I learned, early on, was that fear is not my enemy. Fear is my friend. Fear fuels me with information, it tells me something. Fear says go get more knowledge, go get a mentor. Fear says make that phone call to that person who’s been where you’re going. Fear is not something meant to paralyze me. Fear is only my enemy when I allow it to stop me. Otherwise fear is like compassion. It’s just another emotion. It’s like joy, happiness, and elation. We just labeled fear bad and we give it permission to stop us. But it’s just like any other emotion. We just give it the power. So Yeah I feel fear. I don’t feel fear around money. You know why?

The Bolder Sister: Why?

Lisa Nichols: Because I’ve lived without it. I already know how to live without it. You have fear around money when you don’t. I like it, it makes life easier. But it does not determine my joy. So now, I can risk it all to gain it all. Now I can put it out there. Now, I can play big like that. What I fear around is when I’m putting so much love in something and I’m wondering if they’re going to love it. Right?

The Bolder Sister: Yes!

Lisa Nichols: Is he going to love it, my son. So all the things that matter the most are the things you can’t even put a price on. Those are the things that I take a deep break on and say oh ok. How I get through the fear is by asking myself “am I on assignment?” Am on assignment, is this my calling on my life or is this my personal desire to achieve as a woman? Is this my spirit wanting to do this, or is this my ego. Cause my ego can get hooked easily. So I’m checking. When my ego is hooked it has a limit and it can’t be endless and that’s when I’m going to run into trouble. So when I find myself in that space and I’m wanting it too much, I have to check back and see why do you want it so much? And if I want it so much for a personal status, if I want the New York Times best seller status cause I want to be on, that’s the wrong reason. I have to let it go again. So I’m constantly doing this thing, it may sound a little weird, but whatever, I’m constantly dying to myself, dying to the ego. I’m dying to the righteousness. I’m constantly checking myself “Oh that’s ego Lisa.” “Oh that’s competitiveness Lisa.” You have to kill that off. I then go back to the spirit, I go back to the purpose, and then I let it all go. The very thing I was holding on tight to, the very thing I was fearful of, I let it all go. Then it flows where it was supposed to flow and I’m fine with it. And I’m constantly in that dance. I don’t wake up and it’s all done. Naw girl, it’s a constant thing. I stay in personal development. Very personal. So that I can be at peace when I come here, it’s all okay.

The Bolder Sister: Thank you so much. You are such a blessing and inspiration.

Lisa Nichols: You’re welcome. And you can tell all the other people that, but all that was for you!

The Bolder Sister: Thank you and I receive it! Wow, that was powerful!

To find out more about Lisa Nichols and to purchase her new book Abundance Now, visit her website here

3 thoughts on “Are You On Assignment? My Personal Conversation with Lisa Nichols

  1. This is good. Like so very good. I am in a constant personal developmental stage, and sometimes the fear of the unknown gets the best of me! I needed this right about now. I loved it so much that I shared it to my personal Facebook, I feel like my friends need to read it as well. Thank you both.

    1. Thank you sandiblondechic for reading and sharing! Girl, Lisa really touched me with her words of wisdom! I too needed to hear that message. Especially the part about being on assignment!

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