Are You Ready for Opportunity to Knock?


About a month or so ago I stumbled across the hashtag #Ambitionista on Twitter. Immediately I knew, that whatever this was, I wanted to participate. Something about that word drew me right in. It happened to be a weekly Twitter chat for who else, young and ambitious women. Every Monday these amazing go-getters gather to discuss a featured topic facilitated by host and creator, Mira Joleigh. After my first chat, I knew this was my new Monday night ritual.

There’s nothing like networking and chatting with like minded women who are passionate about life, love, and career. It’s important to connect with the right people and always be prepared to share and learn.

Well, last week I was given a unique opportunity to inspire the #Ambitionista women with a chat on love and relationships. Mira, the Ambitionista creator also hosts a live Blab discussion on Wednesday nights that picks up where the Twitter chat from Monday left off (#AmbitiousGirlsNightIn). This time the topic was love. Now there was another relationship professional scheduled to be featured on the Blab, but after the Blab went crashing on Wednesday night, the Ambitionista chat was rescheduled to Thursday. With that date change the original expert scheduled was unable to make it.  So to my surprise and excitement I was asked.

It was my first time Blabbing, (if that’s what you call it) so of course the nerves set in. But with a new relationship book under my belt, and a passion for love, I knew “yes” was the only answer that made sense.

I must say The Blab was amazing. The chat with Mira was honest and real. It is my hope that our conversation on love transformed some negative relationship behaviors and furthered my goal of being the go to relationship expert.

What I learned from that experience is to always be prepared. You never know when opportunity will knock. It won’t matter if you were the first choice or the last pick, when that special invitation is sent, you have to be prepared, especially when it’s something you’re passionate about.

Bolder Sisters, please know once you show the world what you’re passionate about and begin to share your gifts, others are going to want what you’re offering. Will you be ready?


3 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Opportunity to Knock?

  1. Loving this little recap, Tiya! I’ve stopped doing the Blab events for the time being (tech difficulties were too much) however we DO still have our weekly #Ambitionista Twitter Chat on Monday nights at 9pm EST!

    Twitter is such an amazing place to find collaborations as you build your brand, ladies. Tune in, you just never know who you’ll meet and where it will lead 🙂

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