And Then This Happened

I’m still on a high. Last week an issue of Essence magazine hit the stands (the November 2015 issue to be exact) and it has completely changed me. Let me tell you why.

A few months ago I received a message from Lamar Tyler 1/2 of the married duo who’ve created the award winning site, His message just reminded me to check my voice mail. No biggie, I thought. Maybe he left me a message about a special project he’d like me to participate in (I am a weekly contributor to the site). Never in my most wildest, and I do mean wildest dreams, would I have expected to hear what I heard on my voice mail.

It was a voice mail message from the relationship editor at Essence magazine. As soon as I heard her voice, before I even returned the call, I jumped up and shared it with every person within the sound of my voice. They were equally excited of course.

As I returned the call, I heard more about the request, and said “YES” before she was completely done asking. You know my new thing is saying “yes” more often anyway. But Essence is a no brainer.

I have been reading and loving Essence magazine since I was 16 years old. Since I began writing and blogging, seriously over 7 years ago, I dreamed of seeing my name and bio in print. My dream has come true and it feels absolutely amazing! In addition to writing for the magazine, the article is actually a feature and highlighted on the cover. The cover!! Words can’t describe what this feels like.

I can’t say that my boldness of approaching or harassing the editor to consider me for this project is what put me in this position. I will say my boldness in terms of perseverance and allowing my work to speak for itself are actually what led me here. See, my interviewing skills, writing and consistency with Black and Married With Kids, is what opened this door and created this opportunity. The Tylers have come to trust me, my work ethic and they know I’m going to give, whatever I do, my all. Damn it feels good to be noticed.

Bolder Sisters, you know I had to share my God news with you. I wanted to use this as a reminder, that even when you don’t think anyone is watching, someone always is. Don’t be afraid to show up and show people (even if you’re still too shy to speak it verbally) what you’re made of. I know it’s in you and more importantly, you know it too.

If you haven’t already, please pick up your copy of the November issue of Essence magazine (on newsstands now) featuring the lovely Taraji P. Henson, another Bolder and Beautiful sister! You’ll find my article on page 116.

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