Why I Wish I Hadn’t Been Afraid to Talk About Wealth

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When you know better, you do better, right? One of my regrets from my young adult years was not being more responsible with my finances. I made excuses, displayed very poor spending habits, and eventually found myself in debt. For some reason, considering my future didn’t seem realistic for me.  How can I expect an abundance when I abused and misused the little bit I did have? Things had to change. As my children become independent young ladies, I know I’d better start thinking legacy and start breaking the generational curse that will keep me broke and struggling.

My challenge has always been thinking and even talking about money. I would avoid articles, television programs and conversations that focused on saving, budgeting and managing finances. In fact, I didn’t even think I would participate in this blogging tour because money talks still aren’t my favorite. Although I know they are necessary. My needing to overcome my doubt and fear about money, my admiration for Ronnie and Lamar Tyler, and the power and impact of this film is why I knew I had to. We NEED this.

This conversation, sisters, is one a majority of us have been dreading. But I know if I desire to be financially secure, and have the same dreams for my children, I have to get serious about being a better steward of my finances.

What I know now, that I wish I knew before, is that saving, investing and planning are key. I also I wish I knew that there will be valleys, a job could be loss, a family member could get sick, and if you aren’t financially prepared, your entire household will suffer, greatly.

Only a smart and bolder sister would take full advantage of her company’s 401k, create a realistic budget, curb her spending habits, pay her bills on time, save for her children’s future, have at least 3 months salary reserved for emergencies, and just be financially responsible overall.  It’s important that bolder sisters remember, we no longer have to keep up with the Joneses, we don’t have anything to prove to anyone. We owe it to our children to set them up for success in all areas, especially financially.

Sisters it’s about our future. We can no longer be shy when it comes to seeking opportunities to grow our wealth or teach our children how to do the same. I use to think I had to make up for what I lacked as I was growing up, so I spent frivolously. It’s a new day and time I started creating some real generational wealth and lead my children by example.

Bolder Sisters, What do you know now that you wish you had known earlier about wealth creation?

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4 thoughts on “Why I Wish I Hadn’t Been Afraid to Talk About Wealth

  1. I wish I had listened to my grandfather’s advice years ago on avoiding credit card debt: ‘Don’t use credit cards..if you can’t pay cash, you don’t need it’!

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